Tweet Alerts

Tracking your presence on Twitter is a bit difficult than it looks.

However, you are not aware that all you need is to have a Twitter Account.

You’ll notice every time someone employs the @mention for your brand.

Setting up Tweet Alerts on Twitter is pivotal to understand how, when, and who is mentioning your brand.

What You Need to Know about Tweet Alerts

Have you ever heard of Twitter Alerts? If not, then this article is perfect for you! This feature is the one, allowing you to be informed when somebody types your brand name in a post.

One can fill this role by setting up their notifications via desktop or dashboard alerts.

You see, this is similar to a national notification system. These are tweets made by emergency organizations and public agencies when an emergency that includes updated data relevant to a describing event.

These events might be instructions to evacuations or public safety warnings.

The notifications will show you emphasized on the timeline. It will be delivered immediately to your device thru mobile alert.

Remember: Disseminated Data is Available

You must remember that the social media platform massively controls which account could send these Twitter Alerts.

One of these organizations is FEMA and other public safety accounts across the globe.

The main concept here is to utilize Twitter as another redundant place for disseminating data in the case of crisis.

Example using TWILERT to watch #volcano and #earthquake terms for Tweet Alerts

Tweet alerts
Tweet alerts

You will find different crises and emergency, which could initiate local Twitter Alerts for anybody who has subscribed to them.

For instance, it could be terrorist attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, among others. A Twitter-pushed notification could help you get through if you cannot access the internet, radio, and TV.

Default Tweet Alerts

Did you know that there are different ways that users could mention your brand on the platform? This is through the mention system of Twitter.

For instance, your Twitter account is @NameoftheBrand. If someone creates a tweet regarding your product or brand, the user might like to praise it.

One could write something such as “I received @NameoftheBrand’s top products several weeks ago, and I am so happy about it!”

When a user posts a name along with a @ symbol, that will automatically become a link to that particular profile. That mention will send you an alert.

On the platform, you’ll notice a new notification located in your top bar.

When you click that, you will notice a feed of every tweet, which has mentioned your brand username.

Other Notes about Your Mentions and Alerts

Bear in mind that Twitter mentions don’t appear on your profile feed. When someone visits your profile, they won’t know other tweets mentioning you.

What they will notice are the tweets you make straight to your feed.

Every time you utilize @mention a brand a Twitter that could appear in one of the two methods. However, that will vary on where in the tweet the mention is.

In case the @mention is located in the middle of the sentence, that would be considered a public tweet.

Once they begin the tweet with the @mention, it will be considered as a reply, and it will be out of sight from the feed.