Tweet Singer

Do you want to see the likes and dislikes of Tweet Singer on Twitter or want to find an old tweet?

Here, we’re going to describe how you can check these details.

Tweet Singer (Charlene Keys) has become quite popular because of her unique taste in music.

She isn’t just a singer but a songwriter and guitarist as well.

If you’re willing to learn details about her career, nothing can be better than Twitter because she actively publishes updates on Twitter.

Now, without any delay, let’s talk about how you can check the details Tweet Singer on Twitter.

Follow her on Twitter

If you want to stay updated about her upcoming tracks and shows, you must follow her on Twitter.

Thus, you’d immediately get updates on your phone whenever she makes an announcement.

You can always activate notifications for a particular profile if you’ve turned off the Twitter notifications.

You just need to visit the profile of that user and press the follow button. Then click on the bell icon that appears alongside the follow button once you’ve followed them.

Now, you’d start getting updates for every tweet published by that profile.

Explore the Interest

The beauty of Twitter is that you can explore the interests of a user by just visiting their profile.

You just need to visit the profile page of the user then press the 3 dots from the secondary menu.

From here, you can either click on View Topics or View Lists. The topics give you an idea of things that fascinate them the most.

And the lists help you understand the things they like to see on a daily routine.

In fact, you can find like-minded people by visiting these lists if you want.

Check Likes

If you’re mainly willing to see the tweets someone has liked on Twitter, you can click on the Likes button on their profile.

It will only show you the tweets they’ve liked over the years.

When you check the likes of a user, you get a more accurate idea of things that inspire them the most.

So, if you’re willing to grab their attention, you can publish similar tweets on your profile.

Find Old Tweets

Tweet Singer actively publishes tweets on due to which it won’t be easy to find an old tweet on her profile.

However, you won’t have to scroll all the way down to the tweet you’re looking for.

You can use the Twitter Advanced Search tool to get the job done instantly.

With this tool, you can find years-old tweet within a few seconds.

You just need to have an idea of keywords used in the tweet and the time when the tweet was published.

When you enter these details in the Twitter Advanced Search tool, it goes through the profile of that particular person and then finds the tweets that meet your search terms.

And within a few seconds, it shows the most relevant results on your screen.

You may then use the tweet according to your needs.