Tweeten is not just an app. It’s an entire universe where you can explore multiple options without worrying about any limits. This app gives you the freedom to track everything that’s happening on Twitter. The app comes with a clear and beautiful user interface enabling you to keep a track of Twitter Lists, Direct Messages, Notifications, Activity, and a lot more!

The app was initially launched for the Windows 10 users but it’s now available for Mac users as well. This app offers a much cleaner and intuitive experience with its column-based interface.

Twitter has abandoned its native apps for Windows, which has left a big gap for developers to try to fill. One of the most popular is Tweeten, and it’s getting an update today that will support ARM-powered devices like the Surface Pro X. Tweeten is based on TweetDeck, and it offers the same column-based interface with some interface improvements and the ability to pick emoji, download GIFs, and more



How to use Tweeten?

First of all, you need to download the app into your device. Windows 10 users can find the app on the app store while the Mac users need to visit for downloading the app. Something that users don’t like about this app is that it requires a lot of space on your device. But that’s not a big deal for most of the users as they have plenty of storage space on their devices.

More about Tweeten

However, if you don’t want to download the app into your device, you can simply install the Chrome extension to enjoy different features of this app. Once you’ve downloaded the app or the Chrome extension, you can attach it to your Twitter account.

5 default columns appear on your screen when you log in to your account. You can adjust the position of these columns according to your preferences. You can even create new columns when you want to monitor a keyword or hashtag for some time.

Features of Tweeten

Now, let’s take a look at the crazy features you can enjoy with Tweeten.

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Monitor Multiple Timelines

The reason why Tweeten became so popular within a short span of time is that it enables the users to access multiple accounts at the same time. The marketers can save a lot of time with this feature as they won’t have to shift tabs again and again. You just need to click on an account and the entire information of that account will be displayed on your screen.

Get Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications are really important to build better engagement with your customers. Normally, you need to visit the Notifications tab whenever you want to explore the new notifications. But Tweeten instantly shows you the notifications on the same page whenever someone mentions you in their tweets. The best part is that you can respond to these tweets without having to shift tabs.

Schedule Tweets

Scheduling Tweets is also made easier with this app. If you’re busy with other business tasks, you can simply schedule different tweets to stay engaged with your customers.

Monitor New Topics

If you want to monitor a specific keyword or hashtag, you can make it happen with this app. Tweet allows you to create a new column for monitoring the performance of a hashtag in real-time. The latest tweets with that hashtag will automatically appear on that column. And you won’t have to click the refresh button time and again.


So that’s all about Tweeten. We hope that you have the required information about this tool and its great to use. To learn more about Tweeten and other stuff, click on this link here. 

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