TweetReach is an incredible Twitter Analytics tool that comes with amazing analytics capability and a lot of powerful features. The tool is designed to accommodate your Twitter analytics needs no matter whether you’re running a small, medium or large business. TweetReach generates a quick analytics report for you with the help of Twitter’s API.

You can easily improve your profile’s reach and engagement by measuring the performance hashtags, topics, competitors and even Twitter accounts. It can easily provide you with more comprehensive social media analytics as it’s associated with Union Metrics, An incredible social monitoring tool.

It means you can also keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram when you use this tool. In simple words, this tool enables you to make more valuable decisions for your business based on accurate data.

Brief Intro of TweetReach

Tweet Reach was initially launched in 2009 targeting the needs of social media marketers. It helped users with monitoring different topics, profiles, hashtags, and competitors on Twitter. The tool proved to be very helpful as it generated pretty accurate data for free. However, the free version had some limitations that could be unlocked by upgrading to the paid version.

After one year, the Tweet Reach team launched the Pro version to cover more areas. They started providing more in-depth analytics with the TweetReach Pro. The pro version is not just limited to Twitter analytics but it also covers real-time monitoring. Moreover, it facilitates the customers with a Searchable Twitter archive.

Tweet Reach joined Union Metrics in 2016 which enabled the users to monitor Facebook and Instagram analytics without paying extra money. So, you can now build a vast social media strategy with this tool.

Benefits of Using TweetReach

Let’s take a look at what benefits you can get with TweetReach.

Test an Idea

Every day, we think of a lot of ideas we can try to improve our social marketing strategy. But if we start implementing all these ideas, it will take a lot of time. And we’ll have to try multiple ideas to find the most effective approach for our Twitter marketing campaign. Fortunately, TweetReach doesn’t let you waste your time and money.

Whenever you think of a new idea, you can simply test it with Tweet Reach. It provides an instant analytics report so you may find the best topics for your campaign.

Beat your Competitors

Beating your competitors can be one of your major concerns when you’re trying to build a customer base through social media. The best thing about TweetReach is that it shares a detailed report about what tactics your competitors are using to maintain their reputation. You can improve your marketing strategy after knowing these details.

Choose the Most Accurate Hashtags

Choosing the accurate hashtags is really valuable when you’re trying to engage with your target customers on Twitter. With Tweet Reach, you can get a detailed analytics report for a hashtag. It also suggests some relevant hashtags based on your search. So, you can choose the most accurate hashtags to increase your engagement rate on Twitter.