Twilert Review : 5/5 – “Easy Daily Alerts”

twilert review

5/5 Star Twilert Review

“Easy daily alerts help me make the most of Twitter”

from Howard, Director-Level

Here’s a copy of a recent review from Howard, a customer of Twilert.

What do you like best?

Twilert’s daily summary of relevant tweets give me a sense of being in control of the Twitter waterfall of content.

I have several keyword or keyword combinations set up so that Twilert sends me a daily alert of matching tweets. I choose mentions of my name, my company name and a few generic terms for my industry. That way, I don’t have to remember to go searching manually once a day for each of these.

It works very well on its own, but becomes even more useful when I combine it with Buffer. When I find some tweets on my Twilert report that I would like to share, I click through to them. I can’t share them all at once – that would look odd. But I then add them to Buffer so that they all get shared but spaced out over several days.

Twilert Review Cons

What do you dislike?

Nothing. In fact, when the service went down for a while (due to Twitter’s changes, not Twilert’s), I realized how much I valued it as part of my day – my afternoon in fact, when my daily alert arrives and I start responding to relevant questions or comments, and sharing some of the tweets via my different Twitter accounts.

Twilert Review Benefits:

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

None. It’s just a simple, straightforward tool that does precisely what I want and need.

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