Twitter Alerts for Botox Leads


If you close just ONE botox lead from twitter using the Twilert monitoring tool, it pays for itself for the year.

Benjamin Brown – Director of Growth, Twilert

Twitter is a cornucopia of conversational activity. People are talking about nearly everything on Twitter, including needing botox services. You’d be surprised how many people talk about health issues and personal issues. Using Twitter also means you’ll be exposed to the noise and chatter surrounding the topics you are interested in for your business. We’re going to help you cut through the noise and find valuable botox leads.

Search Twitter for Botox Leads

The first starting point for finding potential customers on twitter is to perform manual searches on. Standard twitter search is not usually sufficient because the range of discussion will be too broad. You need to use twitter’s advanced search in order to pinpoint actual conversations about botox and geo target your service area only. You’ll enter the terminology you find appropriate and what you’ve found customers to be talking about in general conversation. You’re the botox expert – use your intuition and get inside the head of your potential clients.

Make sure you add hashtags, slang terminology, and other colloquialisms around the topic.

Twitter for Botox Leads
Twitter for Botox Leads

Set Up Twitter Alerts for Botox

Once you have mastered advanced search, you’ll find that every time you need a search, you’ll have to manually re-enter your criteria. This can be a tedious process, and you’ll lose your saved search criteria after every search. If you have a set of terms that are providing leads, then you’ll want to make sure they’re saved – setting up Twitter alerts for botox leads can help give you text messages in your inbox based on a saved search. This can be much more useful than manually searching.

Monitor Twitter for Botox Leads

The primary issues you come across in using advanced search or twitter’s default alerts system is that you do not have as much control over the timing and the destination of your alerts. You may n0t necessarily want botox leads going to a cell phone. You want functionality that enables you to set up many different kinds of searches that come at pre-determined times into an email that is set up specifically for managing leads for your botox sales team.

Automate Botox Lead Generation on Twitter

The ultimate solution for those struggling with generating leads for their botox practice comes in the form of professional twitter monitoring tools. Our tool, Twilert, allows your business to set up geo targeted searches that come to your inbox weekly, daily, hourly, or even real time. Once set up properly, the tool will send you targeted leads on an ongoing basis, for as long as there are people talking about botox on twitter.

We can help you get started with your botox lead generation automation on twitter. If you want to set up your alert automation for maximum results, our team can set them up for you for a small fee. We guarantee results or your money back. If you’re tech savvy and want to go the self-service route we have monthly plans available, and a free trial.

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