Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter

Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter

Whether you’re an independent journalist or looking to expand opportunities for your team, Twitter can be a valuable tool to search and find journalistic leads. As Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter, the de-facto breaking news discovery platform, Twitter has become more important as a listening tool. You or your team may need to learn how to set up Twitter alerts to get through all of the noise to ingest and filter qualified journalism leads.

Finding unique stories and paid journalism leads anywhere can be difficult. Using Twitter search to aid in this discovery process is becoming more important as the news cycles churn at an increasing pace.

You’re the expert – search for terms related to what you cover and the areas you want to cover. If you’re a local journalist, it is imperative that you geotarget your search terms so that you’re not inundated with irrelevant leads.

At a national level, it becomes more and more important to filter out and exclude terminology that is sometimes included along with your searches but ends up being irrelevant. As your coverage becomes more global in scope, so does the noise.

Find Twitter Breaking News & Journalism Leads

Use Twitter’s advanced search to uncover terms and conversations trends. It’s hard to constantly run twitter searches manually, so setting up alerts for breaking news is paramount to saving time that can be used to cover the actual story.

Financial news has the benefit of general usage of $ tags for stocks or other financial instruments, so it is important to include those tags in your alert criteria.

Get Alerts for #JournoRequest Tag on Twitter

The #journorequest tag has become popular on Twitter for those seeking journalist work on projects. We can leverage this term to set up alerts for the #journorequest hashtag and get new journalism leads to your inbox. Outside of the more general twitter tips for journalists, we find this the most effective.

Twitter alerts for journalism leads on twitter
Twitter alerts for journalism leads on Twitter

When creating an alert, enter the hashtag #journorequest along with the topic of your journalistic expertise. So, if you are covering the agriculture markets in the midwest, you would create a twitter alert for #journorequest + “midwest” +”agnews” and possibly add state variations to your #journorequest tag. If you want to target specific locations, you can add a geo-target to your alert and ensure that you only get local journalism leads.

Automate Your Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter

Twilert has served over 27,000 customers many of whom have used the tool to set up alerts for breaking news, journalism requests, article ideation, and general trend monitoring.

Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter

If you’re manually searching Twitter or even manually using Twitter’s advanced search for journalism leads, then you may be missing out on opportunities. Automation tools like Twilert allow you to set up alerts that are emailed to your inbox based on your criteria. If you’re looking hard for leads and need to sift through as many as possible, you are able to get ‘real-time’ alerts that hit your inbox every time someone tweets.

Also, with Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter, if you’re booked up, you can change the notifications to email you weekly about journalism requests. Another benefit for journalists using automated twitter alerts is that your tweets are saved and searchable with the Twilert application – there’s no need to search twitter over and over again  – just filter your saved alerts instantly.

On Twitter Alerts for Journalism, Leads on Twitter we have a dedicated onboarding team to help you set up your alert campaign. For a small fee, we can even help you set up individual alerts so that you receive the most impactful results.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in setting up journalism lead alerts yourself with Twitter Alerts for Journalism Leads on Twitter, we offer a free trial of our product. If you set up your alerts correctly, this means free leads directly to your inbox during the trial. Start your free trial here