Twitter Bankruptcy Leads

Any bankruptcy practice needs to generate new business from many different sources. In the highly competitive world of bankruptcy law, many marketing channels are saturated, highly-priced, and extremely competitive. Twitter Bankruptcy Leads are a source of edge-case real-time opportunities that a social media team may be able to convert into a warm lead.

If you generate just ONE converting lead by using Twilert to monitor social media, the tool pays for itself for years to come

-Benjamin Brown, Director of Growth Twilert


Twitter Bankruptcy Leads


The simplest way to reach your goal is to find Twitter accounts or have some Twitter Bankruptcy Leads is by involving the use of hashtags related to bankruptcy. However, most individuals may not be publicly stating their financial distress. You may need to think beyond hashtags in order to find bankruptcy leads on Twitter. This includes searching for terms related to financial distress. You’re the expert – get into the minds of your potential clients and think about how they might begin to talk about bankruptcy in conversations.

You can use the search bar, located at the top right of Twitter. Type in your term, like “dead broke” to see conversations. After your results are presented, you’ll see a few options on the left side of the twitter bankruptcy search results:

As you can see, you’ll have options for specifying users, languages, and locations.  That’s it for standard twitter search.


Go beyond hashtag searches and generic twitter searches by using Twitter’s advanced search functionality.

When you click “Advanced Search” located on below your twitter search filters on the left side of the page, you’ll see options:

We won’t go every detail here, but you can modify these advanced search functions to get more fine-tuned and filter down to more qualified leads.


After you’ve tried using Twitter’s advanced search for finding financially distressed individuals, you may find the process cumbersome and time-consuming. Many times, the primary issues with the manual and advanced search methods are that you have to enter these every time you want to search twitter for bankruptcy terms. Similarly to twitter credit card leads, You probably don’t have time to manually search bankruptcy terms all day and frankly, you would also spend a lot of time sifting through unrelated posts.

Twitter Bankruptcy Leads

Using twitter monitoring tools like our tool Twilert, you can more easily set up monitoring bankruptcy twitter alerts that are emailed to your inbox on a schedule. As a result of this Twitter Bankruptcy Leads, it means that instead of scouring twitter daily by hand, you can actually be notified by email get weekly, daily, or even in real-time as new bankruptcy-related tweets are posted to Twitter.


Twitter Bankruptcy Leads are out there

You just need the right toolset to take full advantage of the vastness of social media monitoring as it relates to your bankruptcy lead generation process.

If you think this tool could be useful, we have a risk-free 30 Day Trial – you basically get free bankruptcy leads from Twitter once you set up your Twilerts properly.