Twitter Bio Search

Do you know that you can now use the Twitter advanced search feature to carry out the Twitter Bio Search?

Normally, the businesses need to search twitter bios because they want to reach out to the people that can buy their products/service. There is no doubt that hashtags are a useful option for reaching out to a huge number of people. But hashtags only show your tweets to the individuals who are exploring a particular hashtag.

So, how would you reach out to the potential customers that aren’t exploring the hashtag you’re using in your tweets. At this point, Twitter Bio Search can solve your problem more effectively.

Why is Twitter Bio Search Important?

When you’re searching for your targeted customers with the standard search bar, you can just search for their names or Twitter handle. But you can’t search for their interests. Even if you run a search for a specific term, you’d only see the accounts that have used that particular term in their tweets.

In simple words, the Standard search box doesn’t generate accurate results due to which you have to spend a lot of time to find your targeted customer. But the Twitter Bio Search makes your job easier by showing you the most accurate results based on your search term.

What about Competitor Research?

You must be thinking why would someone spend a lot of time looking for potential customers through Twitter Bio Search when they can explore the “Followers” tab of their competitors to find their targeted customers.

There is no doubt that it’s an effective way to find customers on Twitter. But it doesn’t help in different conditions. For instance, if you’re running a B2B system, you’d hardly find information about your competitors on Twitter. Similarly, you’d face problems with finding your targeted customers if you don’t have enough competitors in the industry.

Another reason for carrying out Twitter Bio Search is that you get the opportunity to reach out to the customers that aren’t being entertained by any of your competitors. So, it’s an amazing opportunity for growing your business through Twitter.

How to find Users with Twitter Bio Search?

Now, let’s take a look at how you can search Twitter Bios using the Twitter advanced search.

When you search for something on Twitter, you see a small icon at the end of the search bar. You need to click on that icon to enter the advanced search feature. This is where the real magic begins. Here you can add different terms and keywords to filter out the unnecessary tweets and accounts from your search.

For instance, if you’re selling electric appliances, you must add some relevant terms that people could’ve added in their bio. Similarly, if you’re running a jewelry store, you must search for relevant terms respectively.

The Twitter advanced search contains a box called Bio Search. You just need to enter the important terms in that box and click on the Search button. The tool will only show you the profiles of users who have used that specific term in their Bio.