Twitter Follower Count

Don’t tell me you aren’t paying any attention to the Twitter Follower Count?

If it’s true, you’re missing something really important you could use to grow your presence on Twitter.

Twitter marketing isn’t just about monitoring the total number of followers on your account but it’s something more than that.

A huge number of businesses often feel satisfied knowing that they have more followers than their competitors.

But if you start monitoring the Twitter Follower Count regularly, you’d be able to explore the facts you didn’t know before.

Benefits of Monitoring Twitter Follower Count

In this article, we’ll describe the benefits of checking Twitter Follower Count regularly and we’d urge every business to use this approach if they want to build a better reputation on Twitter.

Now, without any further ado, let’s talk about the benefits of monitoring Twitter Follower Count.

Keep yourself accountable

If you’re managing the Twitter account by yourself, you’d start getting lazy after achieving a particular goal.

It’s human nature and it always happens to the marketers that are handling social media profiles of different businesses.

Your competitor can easily figure out if you’re actively improving your strategies or not.

And they can take advantage of your weak points to snatch your followers from you.

Thankfully, you can now keep yourself accountable by regularly monitoring the Twitter Follower Count.

If your current week’s performance is worse than the past, you’d challenge yourself to improve your strategy.

And it will automatically help you with staying ahead of your competitors.

Outrank the Competitors

Your competitors aren’t using Twitter for fun and entertainment.

They’re also working hard to grow their customer base and you shouldn’t underestimate this aspect.

The Twitter follower count tools don’t only provide information about your account but they enable you to compare your performance with your competitors.

You can add your account and your competitor’s account and check the growth of both the accounts for a certain period of time.

If your performance is getting worse over time, you need to find out where you’re making a mistake.

It can also be a sign that your competitor has changed his strategy and so should you otherwise, you’d end up losing your position.

Find the Unfollowers

There are many Twitter followers that unfollow your account after getting a follow-back from you.

These accounts are actually improving their rank while reducing yours.

You can’t keep an eye on these followers if you’re monitoring the Twitter Follower Count manually.

But if you’ve integrated your account to a tool, you’d easily be able to point out the accounts that have used this trick.

You can simply unfollow these accounts with just a single click if you aren’t interested in keeping them on your list.

And there is no benefit of following them anymore because they’ve already shown that they weren’t interested in your services and they were just trying to get a follow-back.

Therefore, you must get rid of these accounts as soon as you can.