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The U.S. social media company’s latest addition is a subtle piece of information that shows the client that each tweet is sent from. In doing so, the company now displays whether a user tweets from the web or mobile and, if they are on a phone, whether they used Twitter’s iOS or Android apps, or a third-party service.

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Signing up for an account

Twitter for iPhone

The misconception among people is that they cannot create a Twitter account directly through the app. Therefore, they use their computer or laptop to create an account. Then, they download Twitter for iPhone from the app store to start using different features of the app regularly.

The fact is that you can easily create a new Twitter account through the iPhone’s app. In fact, you can also manage multiple accounts with your Twitter app. When you’re creating an account, you’d have to enter your name and email address. You’d then have to verify your account with the email sent to you. You might also have to enter the code you’ve received via SMS.

If you already have an account, you can simply use your credentials to log in to the account.

Editing the Profile

Once you’ve created an account, you can simply make changes to your account according to your requirements. You can simply change your name, header image, website address, geographical location, and bio by tapping the Edit profile button in the profile section. These instructions aren’t only useful when you’re using Twitter for iPhone but you can also use them when editing profile on iPad or MAC.

Reduce your Data Usage

When you’re using Twitter for iPhone, you can enable the data saver mode to reduce your data usage. You need to go to Settings and Privacy by tapping your profile photo. You can find the data usage under General. You can turn on the Data saver mode by tapping the toggle next.

With this mode, you can control the media in real-time. It automatically deactivates the autoplay feature on videos. And the images also load in lower quality. However, you can long-press the image to see images in high quality even if you’re in data saver mode.

iphone twitterPosting a Tweet

Posting a Tweet is not a difficult thing when you’re using Twitter for iPhone. You need to tap the Tweet icon to compose your message. You can also mention an account by using @ symbol in your Tweet. Similarly, you’re allowed to add images, videos, or create polls with this app. We also recommend adding a hashtag to your tweets as it helps with reaching out to your target audience.

Add your location

If you’re willing to add your location when posting a Tweet, you can tap the location icon and then select your current location. You can also turn the GPS mode on so that the app may automatically detect your current location.

Approving and Deleting Followers

hastag dark themWhen you’re using Twitter for iPhone, a notification appears on your home screen whenever someone follows you on Twitter. You can tap that notification to approve or delete the request. If you’ve turned the notifications off, you can click on the bell icon on your Twitter app to see the notifications.

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