Twitter Image Search

If you think it’s difficult to carry out Twitter Image Search, you must be unfamiliar with the method experts use to search for relevant images. The reason why many people don’t know this method is that it’s only available on the desktop while the use of a smartphone app is common among most people.

So, if you’re willing to search for images on Twitter, you’d have to shift to the Desktop. In this article, we’ll first describe the common method people use when they’re carrying out Twitter Image Search and then we’ll talk about the advanced method that can be used to find your desired results.

Twitter Image Search

How to Carry Out Simple Twitter Image Search?

f you want to find tweets on Twitter that contain a specific keyword, phrase or hashtag, it’s easy enough to run a quick search in the search field on Twitter. But what if you want to do a Twitter image search to find tweets containing relevant photos?If you need to search for more than just a particular keyword, phrase or hashtag, then a Twitter advanced search can come in handy.

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Here are a few steps you need to follow if you want to search for images on Twitter.

Search for the Keywordsearch

The first step to find the Images on Twitter is to search for a keyword in the search box. Obviously, the keyword needs to be relevant to the images you’re looking for. You can also search for hashtags if you want to carry out the research accordingly.

Navigate to Photos

Once you’ve clicked the search button, you’d see the top tweets for that keyword or hashtag on your screen. You’d also see a secondary navigation bar right under the search box. This navigation bar consists of a number of options you can use to filter out the search results.

In this bar, you need to click on the Photos Tab. It will take you directly to the tweets that are published with images. These are the tweets that contain your targeted search term in the tweeter’s full name, username, or in the Tweet itself. The most recent images appear on top of the search results while the old tweets appear at the bottom. It means you’d have to scroll down if you want to find an old tweet with an image or else you can use the advanced search to find old tweets with images.

How to carry Out Twitter Image Search with Advanced Feature?twitter search

Twitter advanced search can be the ideal option for you if you want to search for multiple keywords, phrases, and hashtags at a time. Without any doubt, the advanced search options have made Twitter Image Search a lot easier for common users. Let’s take a look at how you can find images with this feature.

Go to Twitter Advanced Search

You can see an icon on the right side of the search box. When you click on it, you’d find a number of options in the dropdown menu. Here you need to click on the Advanced Search.

Carry Out Twitter Image Search

Now, you can add different words and phrases and select the accounts that may have published tweets with images. Also, select the dates if you want to find the old tweets with images. Then click on the Search Button.

Navigate to Photos Tab

You’d now see a list of tweets that belong to the terms you’ve used in the advanced search. Again, click on the Photos tab from the secondary navigation bar. And you’d see all the relevant images on your screen.

We believe the advanced Twitter search is the most efficient way to carry out Twitter Image Search. Also, searching for photos with this method is quite convenient and easy, of course, you do have to do a little bit of research, but in the end, it is worth it. In the end, if you need more information about how to carry out Twitter Advanced Search, feel free to leave us a comment or contact us via email or just click here. We have tons of article which will not only please you but also make it worth your time to read and study.

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