Twitter Job Posting

Willing to promote a job opportunity on Twitter?

Well, you need to use this Twitter Job posting tips to get the best results. You must be aware that you’re only allowed to publish 280 characters in a tweet. And it’s hard to describe the entire job description in a single tweet.

Twitter Job Posting Tips

We’ve prepared some tips so you may not face any problems with promoting your job opportunities on Twitter. The trend of hiring online is getting very popular as it brings a lot of benefits to the businesses.

You do not only save electricity and other expenses by recruiting online but it also helps with finding the best talent for your job. Here are the important Twitter job posting tips you must follow if you want to promote your job opportunities on Twitter.

Use a Job Search Related Hashtag

At the beginning of the tweet, you must mention a job search-related hashtag such as #jobhunt, #jobopening, and #joblisting. There are tons of other job-related hashtags you can find by carrying out a search. These hashtags show your tweets to the individuals that aren’t even following you. Thus, you’d be able to convey your message to a vast majority of people.

Hashtag the Job Location

If you’re willing to hire individuals from a specific location, you must consider adding the job location hashtag in your tweet. For instance, you can #Manhattan to show your tweet to the candidates who belong to that particular area. If you didn’t mention the job location in your tweet, you’d start receiving applications from different parts of the world.

And it will take a lot of time to find the right candidate for your job. Therefore, it’s an important Twitter job posting strategy to find the right candidate within a short span of time.

Add a link to your job post

You must have published details of the job on your official site. You need to add that link to your tweet so that the candidates may check out the details of your job post. On Twitter, you can only publish a few details of the job. But the candidates need to know more details so they may decide if they’re right candidate for the job or not.

If you didn’t include the link in your tweet, you’d receive applications from candidates that aren’t even suitable for the job. As a result, you’d get irritated from these applications. In most conditions, you’d face problems with choosing the right candidate for the job.

Tag the Job dedicated Twitter Accounts

It’s another Twitter job posting strategy you can use to convey your message to a vast majority of people. The job dedicated twitter accounts have a huge audience because these accounts regularly publish jobs in different categories. So, when you tag these accounts in your tweets, you’re displaying your job post to all the users that are following these accounts on Twitter.

Add your Brand’s Hashtag

When you’ve written the entire tweet, you must add your brand hashtag at the end. The applicants can click on that hashtag to explore the details of your organization. If you haven’t already created a brand hashtag, you must consider creating one for the Twitter job positing as it leaves a good impression on applicants.