Twitter Listening Tool

So, you’re confused between deciding whether you should use a Twitter Listening tool for your business or not?

Well, this is where you can find the answer to your question. A few weeks ago, we created a post about the benefits of social listening where we mentioned that social listening tools are the better option to enhance your performance on Twitter.

Twitter Listening Tool

We received a few requests from the readers who needed detailed information about why they should use a Twitter Listening tool to enhance their social listening. We’re developing this article to provide a detailed answer to this question.

Social monitoring is the tracking of keywords and phrases relevant to your brand. It’s likely you’re already doing this and responding in real-time to public comments. Social listening takes it a step further by looking at your monitoring with a birds’ eye view and analyzing all the data. This combination is utilized by companies around the world and isn’t limited by the size of the company. In fact, smaller companies may find it easier to execute social listening since the online conversation isn’t as difficult to track.

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Benefits of Twitter Listening

bird listeningWe hope that you already know the benefits of social listening. But we’re describing a few benefits for those who are still unaware of how they can improve their social presence with this method.

The major benefit of Twitter listening is that it can protect your reputation on Twitter by responding to the negative comments quickly and efficiently. Another amazing benefit of this method is you get the opportunity to find new customers. There are many people who need a recommendation before making a decision.

You can take advantage of the Twitter listening tool to respond to these people. The chances are that they will buy your product or service if you satisfied them properly. The reason why we love social listening is that it helps with analyzing your marketing results. As a result, you can build better marketing campaigns in the future.

Why you should use a social listening tool?

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why we recommend using a social listening tool rather than doing it manually.

Advanced Hashtags

Finding hashtags on Twitter is not a big deal. Twitter starts showing suggestions when you’re adding a hashtag to your tweet. But when it comes to growing a business, you need to choose the hashtags that can help with achieving your goals. This is where the Twitter Listening tool can accommodate your needs by providing you with the most accurate hashtags for your marketing campaign.

With the Twitter Listening tool, you can find the hashtags that can help with reaching out to your target audience.

Sentiment Analysistwitter tools

The best thing about these tools is that you can use them to analyze the positive and negative mentions of customers about your business. Thus, you’d be able to make a better plan for your marketing campaign based on the emotional opinions of your followers.

Quick Alerts

The reason why we recommend using this tool is that it helps with maintaining a better engagement rate. What usually happens is that the businesses can’t respond to the people efficiently when the number of mentions increases. However, you can stay updated about these mentions if you’re using an efficient Twitter Listening Tool.

Influencer Score

Finding Influencers on Twitter can be a little bit tricky. But the Twitter Listening tools will now take care of this problem for you. You can find the influencers in your industry within a few minutes. And you can simply skip the influencers who don’t have a better engagement rate.

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