Twitter Politics

Getting Excited to find out how Twitter Politics Work?

Every day we see a number of tweets about local politics. Some of these tweets are in favor of the ruling party and some are against them. And some topics are discussed so many times that they start appearing on the trending list in different areas. Some people think that these tweets are published by regular users.

But things aren’t as easy as they appear to be. Twitter politics have gained a lot of attention over the past few years. Therefore, the politicians are seriously concerned about dominating this area so that the competitors may not get more attention there.

Importance of Twitter Politics

Before we start discussing how politicians are dominating this platform, we’d like to highlight the importance of Twitter Politics. So, let’s get started.

Building a Narrative

One of the most complicated things for politicians is to build a narrative among people especially when they’re going against the waves. The best part is that Twitter is now helping them with achieving their goals. It’s all about mind programming where they start making tweets about a specific topic.

Obviously, they don’t make these tweets from their personal account as it can damage their reputation. However, they gradually start increasing the pace of the tweets. And finally, the day comes when people are ready to accept their narrative. This is when they use their power and spread the word among people with their own accounts.

Defaming the Opponents

With Twitter Politics, you can simply damage the reputation of your opponents without even saying anything in the public. You must have seen a number of Twitter accounts discussing the wrong policies of different politicians. Sometimes, these accounts start attacking the personal lives of politicians.

These accounts belong to different political parties. The problem is that they look so natural that you can’t even recognize if an account is specifically designed for political purposes or not.

How Politicians manage Twitter Politics?

Now, that’s the interesting part of the story. The political parties develop an entire media cell where employees are supposed to defend the narrative of their politicians. These employees regularly focus on building a strong following on Twitter. They know they can’t get more exposure on Twitter unless they have a greater following.

So, they start publishing tweets according to the taste of the people. And they gradually build a relationship with these individuals. These employees spend years building a strong and effective account on Twitter.

Now that they have built a strong profile on Twitter, they can easily make anything popular there. These employees are usually divided into different groups. Some employees are supposed to publish comments under Tweets while some are supposed to promote specific hashtags at different times of the day. Those, who have a huge fan following on Twitter, are appointed on higher ranks as compared to others.

This is the black side of Twitter politics and it getting stronger day by day. It’s almost impossible to stop this practice because a huge number of political parties are using this platform to defame their opponents. However, the Twitter administration is regularly banning the accounts that are spreading hatred on Twitter.