Twitter Stock History

Twitter Stock History

STOCKTwitter is among the most trending social media platforms in today’s modern era.

Furthermore, Twitter is already a big part of the daily living of millions of people across the globe.

Social media is widely used by millions of people when it comes to their entertainment, communication, business, and other needs.

witter is among the most-followed social media companies in the world when it comes to communicating and getting imagination about the world.

It comes with 140-character microblogging service, which enables the people to communicate endlessly.

Meanwhile, Twitter stock can affect the investing success of its social media peers. So, let’s know more about Twitter stock history.

The beginning of Twitter stock history

Twitter Stock History

The Twitter stock history started before its shares were released in public. As social media technology continues to rise in the market, investors give attention to prices that the social media platform shares in different funding.

It is estimated that Twitter has a successful IPO. In the past, the best news for the platform is during presidential election wherein President Donald Trump adopted the microblogging service as the main tool in disseminating news.

Twitter priced its initial public offering at $26 a share late Wednesday, a move that clears the way for the stock to start trading Thursday. Twitter ended up pricing its IPO above the range of $23-$25 a share that the company set earlier this week — which was already an increase from the initial $17-$20 range

-JulianePepitone, Money.Cnn

The highest stock price of Twitter

Twitter’s highest closing stock price as of May 9, 2019, is around 38.79. However, the social platform’s high stock price is about 73.31, which is 89% over the recent share price.

On the other hand, the platform has 52-week high stock price of 46.76 that is 20.5% above the recent share price.

Twitter IPO price

twitter stockTwitter has an IPO price of $26. It’s intraday-low is about $25.94 per share. Twitter is considered as a healthier business today compared to it in the past few years.

The platform offers the ability, profitability, and benefits in launching a new business.

The Twitter stock history can rise again due to the benefits that it can provide to the billions of users in the world.

It serves a reliable network, which connects the users to information, people, news, opinions, ideas, and more.

They provide services such as live connections, commentary as well as live conversations. With its micro-blogging services and networking services through the internet and mobile devices, you can improve the operation of your business.

You can use it as a more innovative tool to grow your business. With this, you can increase your brand recognition and gain more sales with your business on your specific niche.

Twitter was established by Christopher Isaac Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Noah E. Glass, Evan Williams, and Jeremy LaTrasse way back on March 21, 2006. It is based in San Francisco, CA.

To sum it up, Twitter stock history can rise again depending on the demands of the users. There are rise and fall in the stock depending on the particular situation.

However, the best thing is that you can use as your powerful marketing tool for the development of your business.

If you are a startup, using Twitter can help you to connect more with your target customers. You can also use it to give them the best customer support.


That is everything about Twitter Stock history, it sets a tone of understanding the stock market of twitter and what is price of the stock in the previous weeks. To learn more about Twitter and read such amazing topics of twitter analytics just this Twitter Stock History, simply click here.

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