Twitter Video Search

Twitter is among the best platforms wherein you can have access to different videos.

It is among the most reliable source of news, communication, and more. It can also be used to grow businesses.

Meanwhile, if you are new to Twitter, you must learn how to watch and share videos on the platform.

Using twitter video search to find relevant videos for your business or marketing gameplan is a must.

Ways on sharing videos on Twitter Video Search

The following are the ways on how you can share videos on the said social media platform.

  1. Import – You can import videos on Twitter using an iPad or iPhone app from your device.
  2. Record -You can edit, record, and share videos from the Twitter app. You can do this with Twitter for Android OS 4.1 or Twitter for iPhone.
  3. Go Live -You will know how to make a live video with your Twitter app.
  4. Upload – You can share your video by uploading videos at

Recording a video for a tweet

You can share a video quickly by tapping the camera icon on the top of the menu. Then, you can swipe left it from the timeline.

You can now hold and tap the capture icon for recording a video.

You can also add location and Tweet copy.

Just click ‘Tweet’ to post or tap add to connect it to your latest tweet and click ‘Add’ to share it.
Add video on a Tweet.


Search for video content on twitter with the twilert app. Here’s an example:

Twitter Video Search
Twitter Video Search

You can click the Tweet icon to upload a video of your choice. Then, under the Tweet compose box, you can see options for adding a new video.

You can see the gallery of your recent videos for easy access. Next, you can tap the camera icon and take a video.

The best about it is that you can also make a more customized video since you can trim its length based on your thoughts. You can click the Trim to complete your edits.

There is also a preview of video by clicking the play button before tweeting it. Lastly, you can press Tweet to post.


Twitter Video Search

There are a lot of methods to utilize to search video on Twitter.

Users can find videos on Tweeter from friends, businesses, and one and all from renowned celebrities to political leaders from across the globe.

By looking for hashtags or keywords, you are able to search for viral videos.

Twitter has a feature called safe search in which you can control all the things you see in search results.

This is a new feature of this social networking platform that excludes sensitive content, together with blocked or muted accounts. You have the choice to back on or switch it off, at any time you want.

If you are logged into your Twitter account on a web, utilizing search is a bit different compared to using it through android or iOS apps.

Follow these steps to search video on Twitter

5-Step Twitter Video Search Process for iOS

  1. Click Explore
  2. Key in your search into the search box and then click the Search tab
  3. The result shows a combination of pictures, videos, and accounts
  4. Filter the results by clicking Videos, which can be found at the top of the search results.
  5. Click the icon Filter to refine the results according to People You Follow, All People, Near You and Everywhere.

6 Steps Twitter Video Search for Android Apps

  1. Click the Explore button
  2. Enter the search in the Search Box and click Search
  3. The result shows a combination of pictures, videos, and accounts
  4. Filter the results by clicking Videos, which can be found at the top of the search results.
  5. Click the icon in the search bar this allows you to refine the results
  6. Click the Overflow. Safe searches allow users in refining the search results with 2 choices:
  1. Exclude sensitive videos from results: immobilize the setting by unchecking the box located near the Hide Sensitive video/content tab in switching off.
  2. Exclude blocked or muted Twitter accounts: immobilize the setting by unchecking the box at the side of “Remove Blocked and Muted Accounts” in switching off.  

Twitter Video Search from the web in 9 Steps

  1. Key in the video you want to search into the search box. This can be found at the top part of the home page.
  2. The result will appear a combination of accounts, tweets, video and many others
  3. Refine the results by tapping videos 
  4. Tap Search Filter to refine the results. What is more, you can choose a diverse language or do an advanced search. 
  5. Tap More
  6. Tap Search Settings to re-enable safe search to refine the search results
  7. Safe search settings take account of Hide sensitive video as well as remove muted and blocked accounts. Then uncheck the box to re-enable either setting, this can be done anytime you want. However, this setting takes time to work. 
  8. Tap Save to record all the search terms
  9. Click “Embed This Search” in making search widgets for a site.

Watching videos through Twitter Video Search

In Twitter, Moments, timelines, Explore tab, GIFs, native videos, and Periscopes will autoplay.

With this, you must know how to stop it from auto-playing to view only the videos that catch your interest the most.

You can stop Moment, timeline, and Explore tab by simply changing its video autoplay setting. You can adjust it at as well as in your Twitter app.

Adjusting autopay for iOS app

  1. Go to Settings and privacy
  2. In the General option, you can choose ‘Data usage.’
  3. In the Video section, click ‘Video autoplay.’
  4. Then, you can now choose from these options: Wi-Fi only, Mobile data & Wi-Fi and Never.

These procedures are also the same in adjusting autoplay in Twitter for Android app.

On the other hand, if you are adjusting autoplay at, just select your Profile icon and choose Setting and privacy on the drop-down menu.

In the ‘Account’ option next to ‘Video Tweets,’ you can uncheck the Video autoplay.

With these tips, you will enjoy the benefits of using Twitter video search.