Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

Learning how to unfollow everyone on twitter is not an easy task.

You don’t want to use automation bots because your account may get suspended.

But you need to stop following a lot of accounts quickly.

In this article we’ll help you learn how you can unfollow all twitter accounts the right way.

Why Would You Need to Unfollow Everyone’s Twitter

First off, let’s explore why it’s good to unfollow Twitter accounts, what kind of accounts to stop following, and

Not all followers are good. Some are bots, some are trolls, and some are plain useless or dormant. You don’t want these as your followers.

If you generate revenue from having relevant, engaged followers, then you need to cut the chaff and purge disengaged followers of all kinds.

Not only do these hurt your engagement, but if Twitter does a mass purge like they’ve done in the past, you could lose a LOT of followers at once, and your true followers might think you’ve been up to something fishy.

What Kind of Twitter Accounts Should I Unfollow?

We see 8 Types of accounts… unfollow everyone of these types:

  1. Unfollow Followers that aren’t following back
  2. Unfollow non-english Twitter Followers if it’s not relevant to you
  3. Unfollowing fake Twitter Accounts
  4. Unfollow all Spam Accounts on Twitter
  5. Unfollow Inactive Users on Twitter – dormant accounts provide no value.
  6. Unfollow all Overactive Accounts on Twitter – someone posting too much? Probably a bot or automated account
  7. Unfollow all Twitter Bots – there are tools to spot bots. Use them
  8. Unfollow all “Egghead” – these are profiles that havn’t even made the effort to change their default image

How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

Mass Unfollowing everyone on twitter perhaps, is just a quick decision for you or you have not thought nor plan it. So, it is a must to save your follows.

You can use a Twitter list to copy all your follows.

This way if you have regretted what you have done, you can still manage to see your old timeline through opening your list on a Twitter app.

unfollow everyone on twitterThis is both useful when you want to everyone or just even just a few accounts.

You can look all your follows then make a list or writes down those people you will re-follow later or sooner when you want to get them back on your Twitter account.

However, you need to keep in mind that when you have unfollowed any private accounts.

This means you will not get to follow them until they have granted you their permission.

In worst, your friends who have private accounts then it can bug their account.

It is also a good idea when you take a spreadsheet that later you will choose who you want to follow again.

These are the steps on how to manually unfollow everyone’s Twitter account

manually unfollow everyone on twitterThis is the very basic way when you want to unfollow everyone in your Twitter account.

First, click your browser then search for Twitter then sign in your account.

After, the following button to count all your followed profiles and start-up to click the unfollow button.

This is the basic step, but it takes a lot of time, especially when you have thousands of follows. Not an efficient way to operate, is it?


Manually Doing Twitter Unfollow All Steps is The Wrong Way

We found a tool to find all your “bad” followers. Our app Twilert doesn’t do this, but we recommend this really easy tool that analyzes your account and shows you where you need to clean house.

5 Ways On How to Unfollow All Twitter Users with this Easy Tool

  • Unfollow all Twitter Followers that aren’t following back
  • Unfollow all non-english Twitter Followers
  • Unfollow all fake Twitter Accounts
  • Unfollow all Spam Accounts on Twitter
  • Unfollow Inactive Users on Twitter
  • Unfollow all Overactive Accounts on Twitter
  • Unfollow all Twitter Bots
  • Unfollow all “Egghead” Twitter Profiles
Yes, Show Me this Awesome Tool to Unfollow All on Twitter


Other Methods to learn how to unfollow everyone on Twitter

Search for the best command-line “Unfollow All Twitter” tool

how to unfollow everyone on twitter

When you want an actual unfollowing, then you can use this command-line tool.

This unfollow all twitter tool only needs to be installed so it will run.

You might get to install the Ruby first. But if you don’t know how to do it, you can ask for help.

Some people know a lot about Twitter, especially on how to unfollow everyone.

Sometimes unfollowing everyone is seen to be a complicated process as you need to unfollow thousands and hundreds of them.

But if you want for a quick unfollow everyone then use the command-line tool.

You can use your follow manager as a “twitter unfollow all” method

Most people do not use the command line because it is more technical. So, other people use ManageFlitter in selecting and picking everyone they want to unfollow.

The ManageFlitter will help you in sorting you follows through follower count, amount of time you followed them, tweet frequency, and others.

This site cannot unfollow everyone instantly, but it has an interface that helps for an easier click point-click and continues on a schedule

This way you can have a free space and achieve the Twitter unfollow all goals.

Carefully use the Twitter Unfollow All chrome extension

Twitter Unfollow All

Twitter Unfollow may have some problems now for some.

There is still a Twitter Unfollow All in chrome extension, yet you must carefully use it.

Final Thoughts: Should you Unfollow Everyone on Twitter?

Now that you’ve learned a few options of how to unfollow everyone on twitter, make sure to look at each one closely.

Due to the nature of these “unfollow everyone twitter” – style apps, you need to ensure they follow Twitter’s terms of service at all times.