Unfollow Today

What is Unfollow Today

One of the main reasons why many Twitter users unfollow some of their followings is they don’t like to see other posts in their news feed anymore.

Unfollow Today takes care of quite a few of these problems .

They make you annoyed, they post fake pictures, or they make you mad every time you see their names popping up on your feed.

One of the most negative reasons why you unfollow a person on Twitter is they didn’t do anything to follow you in return.

Way back in the first launching of Twitter, this platform is usual for other people.

When you start following someone, you will expect that they will also follow you ass a return.

But in these days, follow-for-follow does not usually happen. He usage of the Twitter platform is now exponentially growing.

And there is no reason for you to expect that when you follow a person, they will follow you back – most notably in celebs.

Unfollow TodayBots and spammers are scattered all over the world, so, many users prefer turning their notifications off when someone follows them.

So, if you notice that a person you followed does not follow you in return, it might be because that person doesn’t have any ideas about you.

Because of that, no one in this world is obliged to follow you because you follow them, and it is very fantastical for you to expect that.

In this era, it is a good exercise for you if you will track the newest people who follow you, and you can select some of them that you want to follow back.

However, if you will follow them all might be unproductive for you.

It is because your newsfeed will be flooded by irrelevant old tweets, which is not good for you. Other users who follow you also experience that kind of situation.

Unfollow Today

Unfollow Today is an application designed for Twitter that can be accessed by iPhones and Androids.

It will enable you to control your account on Twitter with the usage of various tools.

Special Features of Unfollow Today

Automatic Refresh

Pick the frequency for refreshing. It will enable you to refresh your Twitter feed with the use of a Wi-Fi connection or prefer in doing it by hand.


Unfollow Today will help you to notified by someone who unfollowed or followed you.

Blacklist or Whitelist

Unfollow Today will help you to prevent doing some faults by adding your following people on Twitter in your whitelist.

Inactive Following

The Unfollow Today will help you to determine your followings who do not have their profile pictures or your friends that are inactive for a month, for instance.

In addition, you can also discover the persons who you have been followed and didn’t follow you in return.

Mutual Friends or Block Users

Unfollow Today will help you to block your preferred person and see who your mutual friends are.

Find People Who Don’t Follow You Back

The Unfollow Today will provide you the names of those Twitter users who follow you, and you didn’t follow back. You can also know those users who didn’t follow you in return.