Unfollow Spy is one of the social media management tools that are suitable for Soundcloud and Twitter.

Plus, you can access it for free. Here are some of the basic information about Unfollow Spy. Read on to know further.



What’s in UnfollowSpy

The entire features that you can see at Unfollowspy can be accessed in both desktop and mobile version of the Unfollowspy’s website.

The Unfollowspy believes that you don’t need to lose the connection and features just because you are not in your working office or away from home.

Thus, you are allowed to control your social media accounts anytime and anywhere.

You can do this with ease just by using your mobile phones, tablets, or any other online gadgets.


Use UnfollowSpy to Schedule Content or Tweets

You are allowed to post your desired tweets anytime and anywhere with the use of your automatic tweet equipment.

All you need to do is accumulate and sign your tweet texts and the time that you want for your tweet to be posted.

After that, the Unfollowspy will do the remaining task for your ease and convenience.

And you don’t need to worry anymore posting the special wish or promotional tweets that is meant for your special someone again and again.

Unfollow Spy

Locate Spam or Inactive Followers with Unfollow Spy

Like Twilert – With the use of Unfollowspy, you will have the freedom to scan the list of your friends and determine the Twitter accounts that are inactive for about a month, seven months, or a year.

The Unfollowspy will also provide you the names of the inactive users, and if you want, you can unfollow or remove them from your friend’s list permanently.

You are also allowed to search for the spammy and low-quality Twitter accounts using Unfollowspy.

For instance, you are free to remove your follower, who doesn’t have a decent profile picture.

Analyze and Monitor

The Unfollowspy will collect the data of your followers and right after a week of being one of the users of it; you will see a metric display about the numbers of people who unfollowed or followed you on a particular social media platform.

This feature of Unfollowspy is great for you to keep tabs on the growth of your social media and see if your topic or brand page is decreasing or increasing.

Manage Audience

The Unfollow Spy will give you the freedom to track the newest Twitter accounts who have followed you on Twitter on time and with live reports.

You can also sign in and see who your new followers are. See the people who have unfollowed or followed you.

You can also view each user who did or did not follow you in return and the opposite.

You can also determine the details of your new followers and decide if you will follow them back or not.


By using this tool, you will have the freedom to determine the names of the Twitter user who follow and didn’t follow you in return.

You can do all of these by accessing the website. Although Unfollow Spy is a very old tool from what seems to be Web 1.0 Days, we can see that it still provides useful functionality.

Beyond the functionality of our own tool Twilert, UnfollowSpy looks to give you deep insights into your own account’s follower metrics.

You may need to track tweets, monitor your brand or company on twitter, or set up twitter alerts.

Here at Twilert, we’ve built an enterprise grade twitter listening tool to help you filter out all of the noise on social media. We offer a free tier that allows you to receive alerts based on the criteria YOU choose.