Use Twitter to Generate Leads for Gym Memberships


How to Build a Network That Optimizes Membership Leads

The lifeblood of any small business is in keeping sales up. For fitness-based business, this means memberships, robust offerings, and being in touch with your clients. Chances are that if you’re reading this, are aren’t Planet Fitness. Also, chances are that if you got into this industry you understand that a fit and active lifestyle makes everything else better and you want to share that with your community as well as your clients. You probably hired trainers who share that vision and who care about delivering results for your members. So how do you keep a finger on the pulse and keep generating new interest in your offerings?

Word of Mouth Referrals Also Happen Online.

Twitter has become a constant sharing space where everyone is uploading their thoughts and opinions. Twilert is a monitoring service that will send you reports on topics, people, locations and hashtags that you want to follow. I’m going to run through some basic use cases for Twitter monitoring that could help you keep track of what your community is looking for, who is talking about you, and how you can leverage it into new memberships.

Referrals & Affiliates

You may already offer a program that allows your members to bring in new clients. Twilert allows you to set up alerts in your area for #Affiliates and #Referrals that already exist, or even among your competition. Using programs like this to bring new traffic into the door can be made easier by putting some incentive out there for your current member base to work with. Asking for social shares on these programs can also be tracked and modified accordingly using Twilert.

Complaints from Competition’s Clients

What if you could capture membership who was not satisfied with their current fitness regimen? What if you could get clients from your competition simply by following the right profiles on twitter? Twilert can help you set up alerts on the other programs in your area. When combined with direct input from your members about what other programs they have tried, you may be able to tailor offerings that make a big difference in incoming traffic. What are other people in your area looking for? What does it mean to keep your programming and offerings agile? Twilert can help you keep track of what your potential want – and what they don’t want.

Personal Trainers Who Influence Lifestyles

Are your trainers everything you want them to be? Usually, most of us get into fitness with friends. Even if we have our own routines, our own goals and diets, we still thrive on competition. Asking your clients what they wish you offered is one to keep informed. Twilert can help you identify the influencers in your area who actually drive opinion and therefore business. Even if the profiles you want to be alerted on are not in your general area, your trainers may already be following them. Making the monitoring and fact-finding a team effort can lead to better results – and just like the referrals, incentives can bring in more when properly aligned with your business goals than when simply left out there on their own. Are your trainers working together? Have you identified new programs they could be offering or running classes on?

Twilert Costs About the Same as Netflix.

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