Use Twitter to Increase Salon Bookings


Twitter is an incredible social media marketing tool for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people looking to share their thoughts, opinions, experiences and searching for tips and insights from the community. Whether you are a stylist or a salon owner, you can use Twitter to increase your salon bookings and, ultimately, generate more revenue for your business. 

Use Twitter to Increase Salon Bookings

The first step is making sure you are searchable and recognizable on Twitter. This is a great place to use IMAGERY – photos from recent cuts, colors, and blow-outs will inspire clients to BOOK NOW! Remember to promote your product line, whether you use Redken, Aveda, R+Co or any other brand, users will be attracted to those products and dive further into your account page for services. This is also important to remember – LIST YOUR SERVICES! Make sure potential new clients know what you do, a general idea of how much it costs, and any new client promotions you offer. Make your presence known and consistent to really use Twitter to increase salon bookings!

Use Twitter To Increase Salon Bookings
Use Twitter To Increase Salon Bookings

Find Your People

Once you’ve established your brand, it’s time to locate where your tribe lives on the Twitter-sphere with a twitter monitor tool . Start by setting up #hashtags and keyword searches related to your business. For example, as mentioned above, if you are an Aveda salon you want to search for anything related to the Aveda brand – style, products, and followers.

use twitter to increase salon bookings

And remember to SEARCH NEAR YOU! This will help you locate people in your area who are searching for the hashtags and keywords relevant to your specific salon services and products, aka NEW CLIENTS! This also includes your direct competitors. Create searches so you know what other salons in the area are doing, what promotions they are running and what content seems to be working for them. Use all the tools at your disposal to gather inspiration and knowledge for your business.

Happy Clients Refer New Clients

There’s no better feeling than walking out of the salon with a fresh new cut and color, you want to share it with the world- and people do! If you establish a loyal following on Twitter, make sure your current client base is tagging you on their posts, photos, and reviews. Each person represents a HUGE outlet to a different network. Encourage clients using a referral program, offer discounts on products or services when they refer people from their network.

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Automated Monitoring 24/7 to really use twitter to increase salon bookings

A stylist and salon owner’s schedule is NONSTOP, unpredictable, and does not leave much time for searching the massive amounts of info on Twitter every day. Fortunately, you can implement Twilert’s Twitter monitoring tool into your social media marketing strategy that will automate all of your searches and send them directly to your inbox on your schedule. If Monday’s are your day off, or Wednesday mornings you know you aren’t booked until 12 PM set your alerts for those time frames and NEVER miss an opportunity to use Twitter to increase your salon bookings. CHA-CHING!!!