Delete All Tweets

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In this article, I’m going to show you exactly why and how to delete tweets using a number of different methods.

This will help you to avoid ANY tweet issues that people could dig up on your account, causing a potential public relations disaster.

After that, I’m going to show you the most important features to look for in tools that delete tweets and other Twitter content.

You’re at the crossroads.

You have a Twitter account of your that might have some “questionable” tweets.

Or, you just took over the Twitter account management for a client. You have NO idea what the previous social media manager did.

You need to give this account a fresh start.

So, right now you plenty of reasons for wanting to delete all tweets. We’ll help you pick the right way to do it.

Delete All Tweets The Easy Way

Good thin, there are several ways on how you can delete all tweets even without deleting your Twitter account.

Whether you want to wipe clean your embarrassing tweets or you simply want to remove them from your Twitter history, you always have a control over your account.

Here, you will be able to learn several ways on how you can delete all tweets with ease. So, let’s get started!

How Many Tweets Would You Like to Delete?

Twitter is indeed limiting the number of tweets being displayed on the timeline for about 3,200, which can be accessed using third-party applications by default.

However, it does not necessarily mean that older tweets are no longer existing, and you cannot access them anymore.

delete all tweets

If you are planning to delete all tweets, you can choose whether you want to delete less than 3,200 tweets or more.


Delete All Tweets Manually

Obviously the first approach and simplest is to just scroll through a twitter account and delete every tweet one by one.

This is recommended for beginner users, and those looking to retain the bulk of their account. To delete all of your tweets means to basically wipe out your account, so if you value this content then you may want to keep.

Why You Would Delete All Tweets One At a Time

Sometimes you want to keep the majority of your tweets and only remove tweets that may be offensive.

This is very common when social media managers take over accounts for clients.

A client may want to review old tweets to find embarrassing or tweets that may cause them issues.

Similarly to how users want to delete retweets, this can be only for the purposes of removing bad content.

Delete all Tweets and Retweets

Well, this is basically the same as the operation: delete twitter account. Because you’re deleting all of the content in your account, you may as well delete the account.

However, there are accounts that have branding value where the content needs to be wiped and the URL needs to stay the same. So, there are some valid cases to delete all tweets and retweets.

Delete Fewer than 3,200 Tweets

Most often, the recent 3, 200 tweets can be easily accessed. So, if you are into deleting fewer than 3,200 tweets, you can, with simple steps.

For tweets less than 3,200, you can consider using Tweet Delete, which is a decent Twitter management tool.

Using this tool, you can decide whether you want to delete past tweets by bulk or delete future tweets automatically in case they have been living for a particular amount of time.

Having fewer than 3,200 tweets, Tweet Delete can make it possible for you to delete them flexibly. You can wipe clean your Twitter timeline and decide to perform future tweets removed after:

  • One year
  • Six months
  • Three months
  • Two months
  • One month
  • Two weeks

Generally, the script will run every couple of days where it will locate the new tweets that entered the set date period. And then, they will be automatically deleted. Remember, once they are deleted, there is no other way for you to retrieve them.

Tools to Help You Delete All Your Tweets

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We found a relatively new app that not many have written about online.

It works incredibly well to help delete all tweets, delete retweets, delete twitter likes, and much more.

The interfaces is super-slick and the team seems to know what they’re doing.

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TwitWipe is an old tool that kind of “hacks” the deletion of an account. It’s not really great if you want to keep your account. But if you want to remove everything in one go, this might be interesting

Tweet Delete to Mass Delete Tweets

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TweetEraser for Bulk Tweet Delete

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Tweet Deleter : Another Delete All Tweet Tool

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Twilert : Search and Remove Tweets

Although Twilert doesn’t yet allow bulk tweet deletion or mass tweet delete functionality, it does have an old tweets tool that helps you easily filter, navigate, and delete all the tweets in your account.

Delete all tweets free

Most of these options provide the capability to delete all tweets free up to 3,200 in your account. This is because Twitter has an API limit that stops apps from really going all the way.delete tweets free

Many apps offer free deletion of a limited amount of tweets in order to try the app. Frankly, if you did the trial for dozens of these free delete twitter apps, you could probably do it for free overall.

However, the higher quality apps will let you queue up your tweets to delete and automatically remove them over time.

Delete All Tweets Reddit

delete all tweets reddit

There are a few comments from redditors going over various ways to delete all tweets reddit-style.

On user suggests to use the tool we already recommended, which is Tweet Delete.

Surprisingly, the primary method and upvoted comment on reddit regarding deleting all tweets suggests to just delete them manually.

We can’t deny this approach, but obviously we’re a business and we’ve got to cover paid options as well!


reddit answer delete tweets allDelete All Tweets up to  3,200 Tweets

Besides most recent or fewer than 3,200 tweets, you can also delete more than 3,200 tweets. One thing you can do is to use the TweetEraser.

To access the 30-day main service of TweetEraser, you need to pay a small fee of $6.99. Although you will be charged, you can be sure that you can delete all the tweets you want.

After signing up to your TweetEraser account, then go to “Tweets.”

You can now then upload the full Twitter archive.

Delete all tweetsIf you want to find the tweets according to keywords, hashtags, and date, simply use the search filters.

You can also select the entire tweets you want to delete.

Once you are ready, you can now click on “Delete Tweets,” confirm and then, the TweetEraser will begin to delete all tweets.

Now that you have already learned about Tweet Delete and TweetEraser, there is no way for you not to delete all tweets and start over with your timeline.

Delete All Tweets Greater than 3,200

Although there are no formal ways to delete all tweets greater than 3,200.

Most tools reach Twitter’s API limitations for deletion activity. Although theoretically, you shoould be able to delete any and all tweets in an account, there are very specific tools you will need to use.

If you want to search all your old tweets to review them and determine if any or all of them need to be deleted, please take a look at our old tweet tool.

With it you can find aged tweets, filter tweets by term, hashtag, or locations. Also, you can specify a date range for your tweet search to ensure you’re only getting results from, say, older than 2015.

What to Look for in Tweet Deletion Tools

You need to look for a few things.

A badly designed app could not function properly, or worst case jeopardize your account due to bot flags.

You don’t want bot flags.

At Twilert, we don’t really do tweet deletion. We only focus on monitoring and search.

We found one tool that does it the right way.

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