How To Check Old Tweets

How to Check Old Tweets: Easy Ways to Download Your Twitter History!

With all the current events in social media sites like Twitter, do you still remember what your old tweets were?

From time to time, hundreds to thousands of tweets are made every day.

No doubt, Twitter is among the most used social media networking sites across the world.

From ordinary people to politicians to celebrities to business, thousands of tweets are delivered.

However, when the time comes that your Twitter profile or history needs some scrub, there is an effective way for you to try. By downloading your entire Twitter history, you will be able to check old tweets or even delete them.

And, here’s what you need to do on how to check old tweets:

Download Tweet History for How To Check Old Tweets

If you already tried other search and delete methods and you are not satisfied with the results, you can freely opt for downloading your entire Twitter history. This will allow you to know how to check twitter history for your account.

There is one easy, effortless tweets search in every bit of the history of your Twitter, as well as the collected analytical data about you.

You can rely on downloading the entire history of your Twitter account. Twitter will allow every user to download every single portion of the data it has on you.

How to check old tweets
How to check old tweets

To start your download, you need to sign into your Twitter account. Next is to click the avatar picture which you can find next to the “Tweet” button. After that, you have to click the “Settings and Privacy” option.

How to Get Archive Tweets

While you are on your Account page, start scrolling to the bottom and look for the “Your Tweet Archive” subheading.

Then, click the “Request Your Archive” option to start the process of collecting on Twitter’s servers. This will get your archive tweets.

How to check tweet archive
How to check tweet archive

How to Check Old Tweets : Waiting for the results

For the meantime, you need to wait since it will take a while to collect all the necessary data. Once the process is done, you will receive a delivery notification through your email address.

The email address must be successfully associated with any Twitter user account. The waiting time for receiving the email should not be more an hour.

Once you received the email, you need to click the “Download” link for the web browser to download the .zip file.

For extracting the file into a new folder, use the decomposition tool of your operating system.

Inside the zip file, you will be able to see all the data associated with the account. The provided Javascript file can be very dense, where you can find it difficult to parse.

The best ways you can do is to open the file using any of text editors like Notepad or Wordpad.

After opening the file, use the find tool of the editor for you to search the specific terms. Then, you can start checking your old tweets or even delete some of them.

Lastly, you need to create a timestamp.

Now, you already on how to check old tweets as well as the methods on how you can delete. So, there is no way for you not to polish your Twitter history.

You can also check out other tools like or TwimeMachine.

Twilert Can Help Automate How to Check Old Tweets

Our new Old Tweet Tool is free for general use and provides a basic historical reference for all of the tweets in an account.

We’ve got a tool that enables you to track any keyword, account, hashtag, or term that you want. Our system will monitor twitter 24/7 and store the tracking data for your review at a later time.

How to Get Old Twitter

We’ve gotten a lot of traffic to this post looking for methods to get Old Twitter interfaces back.

We aren’t going to cover this in the current article, but we will link to a new tutorial on how to get old twitter when we complete the content.