Search Old Tweets By Date

Have you ever tried searching for all those old tweets in your account?

But you are still having troubles in finding that specific tweet that you are desiring?

You’ll learn how to search old tweets by date by the end of this article.

Embarrassing tweets are nothing to laugh at if you’re the account owner. There might be some lurking in your account.

Search Old Tweets by Date

You have to input only a few information, but it has to be precise for you to get that certain result that you are wanting. Have you ever tried typing your username only and hitting the search button already? If you did just that then maybe you lack something.

You lack one of the most vital information that mu be added.

Don’t forget about the date; you also have to input in the search bar the specific date of the tweet if you want a narrower result.

But I’m going to guide on you the steps for you to have an efficient search process.

So the important details that you will be inputting in the search bar are the username and the dates. Yes, dates, for it to be narrower you must enter a starting date and an ending date.

Once you have these already, you may now proceed.

Type in the username, then since: the starting date until: the ending date if your search.

search old tweets by dateOnce you type those in, Twitter would now give you the top hits of your hunt.

It would start with the date that you have entered and the same with the end date.

The results would be arranged in chronological order.

Narrowing the Date Results of Your Old Tweet Search

But if you want a more narrow results, how about trying to shorten the starting date and the end date. The top hits would that would be presented to you would be efficient and narrow. You will find it easier to find the tweet that you are looking for.

There are no limits when it comes in searching for those tweets by typing the specific dates. It would make your hunt easier and not time-consuming.

There are chances that other people are not aware of this date method to search tweets historically. Think about this: they’re probably using the conventional way of searching the account, which is scrolling.

It would take you days until you got a hit with your “search old tweets by date” query, through the method of typing the specific date, time would be relative to your effort.

Finding them would be easier.

Type in any date or specific time frame but make sure to type in the username too.

You have to work efficient and smart. You can even shorten the date more if it benefits you.

Through the twitter search bar, any information that you want to search would be possible. Y

ou have to enter the suitable details for you to get the specific of information.

So, If you find someone having difficulties searching for their old tweets and using the conventional way?

Lend them a helping hand and teach them this technique. Helping them would also make their life easy in the twitter world but not only that, but you also have shared the technique or mastery in searching for the old tweets. Keep on tweeting!