Search Deleted Tweets

How can someone search deleted tweets when we don’t have the trash box in our Twitter account?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can find authentic information about different topics.

Twitter is the best place for staying aware of the latest trends.

Once you use this platform for a few days, you starting falling in love with it.

A vast majority of people stop using other platforms once they understand the true importance of this platform.

If you’re also one of those users, you must have published plenty of tweets on this platform.

Sometimes, we need to delete a particular tweet for some reason.

And after a few days, we feel the need of reusing that tweet. But the tweet is already gone so we don’t know where to find that tweet now.

You may be surprised knowing that it’s not difficult to search deleted tweets.

The only reason people often get frustrated about this issue is that they aren’t familiar with the process of recovering deleted tweets.

Can you find someone else’s deleted tweets?

We understand the fact that some users are usually interested in searching the deleted tweets of other users and there is nothing wrong with it as long as you’re using a legal method.

Most of the people will say that you can’t search deleted tweets of other users and it’s true to some extent.

But there are some effective ways that can be helpful in this regard.

How to Search Deleted Tweets?

We’ve divided this section into two parts where we’ll first describe the way to search deleted tweets from your own account and then we’ll share methods for searching deleted tweets from other accounts.

So, let’s get started.

Search Deleted Tweets from your Account

Searching Deleted tweets from your own account is quite easier because this feature is offered by Twitter for free.

You just need to click on “More” from the left navigation menu bar once you’ve logged into your Twitter account.

It will show you 6 more options to choose from.

You need to click on the privacy settings to access the deleted tweets.

Once you’ve clicked on this button, a new window will open on your screen.

Here you need to request for archived data by providing your username and password.

After a few minutes, the file will start downloading on your computer.

You can unzip this file and access your deleted tweets from it. However, this file offline which means you can’t share these tweets unless you republish them on your account.

Search Deleted Tweets from Other accounts

Usually, we need to search deleted tweets of the celebrities.

And it only happens when a publishes a controversial tweet on Twitter.

It’s quite easy to recover those tweets because there must be many users that would have taken screenshots of that tweet.

Similarly, you can take advantage of the online web archives to search deleted tweets.

With these methods, you won’t face any problems with recovering the deleted tweets.