How to Check Twitter History

You need to understand what happened in you or your client’s Twitter account.

You need to see if there are any potential PR disasters lurking in the past of an account.

Old tweets need to be reviewed for “issues”

Then, why not learn how to check Twitter history search and more.

On the other hand, Twitter will only display the lady 3200 tweets in the timeline.

Meaning, if you joined Twitter since May 2009 and have more than 40,000 tweets, that will not cut it.

Effectively Learn How to Check Twitter History Search

Outside of twitter keyword search, you’re going to need to learn how to use the standard and advanced search features

Here, you will be able to discover easy, effective ways on how to check Twitter history.

If you almost forgot your first tweet, then you have a chance now to reminisce everything.

Using Standard Twitter History Search

By using Twitter search, you will be able to check Twitter history of your account or another user’s account.

How to Check Twitter History Search

  1. You can do this by opening the and go through the search bar.
  2. Then, type in the string with your username along with the date range you desire to look at:
    • from: username
    • since: yyyy-mm-dd
    • until: yyyy-mm-dd
  3. So, if you want to see all your tweets from the first month you joined Twitter, you can modify the date ranges here to see the specified tweet history

Through this standard Twitter history checking method, the earliest tweets can be shown.

But, be aware that the default view is of the top tweets, so you need to click “All” to see each tweet from a particular period.

Lastly, you have to scroll the bottom, and you will see your first tweet!

Check Twitter History with ADVANCED SEARCH FUNCTION

Apart from Twitter search, you can also check your Twitter history by using the Advanced Search feature of the platform.

3 Steps To Start Viewing Your Twitter History with Advanced Search

  1. Simply go to
  2. Then, enter your username into the From these accounts which you can find under the People.
  3. After that, you need to use the pop-up calendar tool so that you can section the start date and the end date.
  4. Next is to click the Latest tab for you to view your Tweet history from a particular date range.

By checking your Twitter history, you will be able to remember your first tweet or scan all your tweets during your first year of use.

In fact, by viewing the Twitter history, you will be able to see important tweets that you might need on the present time, including important events or any business related tweets.

how to Check Twitter History

There are other tools that you can use to check the Twitter history. However, some of them are already shut down.

If you’re working on a client’s account, don’t be too surprised to see some questionable behavior from early on in their twitter history.

So, the above two methods remain to be the most effective.

Once you discovered your Twitter history, you can feel different emotions.

You might be surprised about your first tweet, or you might remember something important upon reading your previous tweets. If you’re working on a client’s account, don’t be too surprised to see some fishy behavior from early on in their twitter history.

Where is my Twitter Search History

Your Twitter search history can be found from the dropdown that shows up when you start typing into Twitter’s advanced search. Many cases you’ll be able to see a short listing of the past few searches you’ve made on Twitter.

The Next Steps in Your Twitter History Search Activity

Twitter History SearchBeing one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, it becomes easier for you to connect with other people and discover new things. Hopefully you’ve learned how to check twitter history for nearly any account with these two simple steps.

So, the next time that you will get curious about you or your client’s first tweet or you want to look something on your Twitter history, simply follow the above methods and you will be on the right track.

After all of this, you should have a great understanding of how to check twitter history.

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