How To Delete All Tweets

All the dramas and especially those happy memories you have in your life, you have tweeted all of that on your Twitter.

Learn how to delete all tweets by the methods outlined in the following article. This exceptional platform paves the way for individuals who are not talkative in person.

Twitter became their companion, and they feel free to put whatever tweets their lives have.

To put it bluntly, old tweets are embarrassing and could be a liability for your career.

Or, if someone has managed your social media poorly, they may have made your brand or company look less than optimal. This Wired writer frames it well:

Twitter is a reaction to stimulus. Once that stimulus is gone, though, the tweets linger, like a too-loud laugh at a joke no one else heard.

Emily Dreyfus, “I’m Deleting All My Old Tweets Because Nothing Matters”

How To Delete All Tweets?

Moreover, as time pass by, you look back on your past tweets. However, those you have tweeted before you want to delete them all.

Maybe, you have reasons why you should delete them.

Before you Delete Your Tweets, Discover Which Tweets Are Hurting You Or Your Brand

The first thing you need to do is search through your twitter archive. This will allow you to review your tweets.

Sometimes it may not be beneficial to delete all tweets – so be sure to do at least some review before taking a plunge.

4 Steps to Search Your Tweets Before Choosing Which to delete:

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into your Twitter account
Step 2: Log into Twilert’s FREE Old Tweet Search Tool ( Click Here )

This tool enables you to log in with your twitter account, and search, filter, and analyze all of your old tweets in your account. Click here to login free.

Twilert Delete All Tweet Tool
Step 3: Find Your Old Tweets by Date

Search for your aged Twitter posts by date. If you’ve just started managing an account, or know the timeframes of when a previous social media manager was managing it, then select the date range for those individuals.

Search Old Tweets to Delete

Step 4: Remove any Replies or Retweets from your Historical Twitter posts

To ensure you’re seeing the cleanest view of your old tweets that you’ve posted, you need to filter the replies and retweets.

Click The “Hide Replies” and “Hide Retweets” options like the animation below:

Hide Retweets and Replies Filter

Perhaps, those tweets can affect your life now, or it has something that you want to look back anymore.

So, if you have decided that you want to delete all your tweets, here are the 4 steps to know how to delete all tweets:

  1.  Search for a tool, choose the best, and go on its website.
  2.  Authorizes or permits your chosen tool so it can access all your tweets.
  3. You will be asked if you want to delete some or all your tweets. Then you have to select those tweets to delete.
  4. Click the confirmation button of your selection. Make sure that you are completely done this step.
  5.  You had been deleted your tweets!

After Deleting your Tweets

Perhaps, now you are h that you have deleted already all your past tweets. Then all you have to do is to sign again in your Twitter account.

This way, you can ensure that you have smoothly done the process of deleting your tweets.

Furthermore, these are other things that you must be aware:

Be cautious enough in deleting all your tweets as it can bring the bug to your Twitter.

Unfortunately, you can resolve this problem if this happens because the Titter support is the one that will only resolve it.

Be mindful of the tools that you are using to delete your tweets. Remember that there are still tools that are third-party applications.

This means it has access to read as well as write on your account on Twitter until this had revoked.

As a Twitter user, you are required to revoke their access through going to Profile and Settings > Apps and devices > Revoke access.


Tweeter Deleter: Top Tool to Delete All your Tweets

Tweeter Deleter has the best user interface. Its dashboard is easy to use that showcase all the tweets after permitting the app.

how to delete all tweetsKey Features That help delete old tweets

Full Delete It comes with the instant and cleanest sweep of deleting all the tweets.

Tweet Archive This feature locates specific tweets.

Auto-delete This features slowly but continues to delete all your everyday Tweets.

How to delete all tweets using Tweet Deleter?

  1. Click the app and look for Sign in with Twitter on its homepage. Then sign in your account.
  2. There is a global authentication of the app, and you need to permit it.
  3. This will be brought you to the dashboard of the Tweet Deleter. Then here you will select all tweets.
  4. Click on the Delete Tweets and click the Delete box in red color. 

Delete Your Tweets Beyond the 3,200 Limit

Many apps may have a 3,200 limit on any actions you can take within the application. This is due to limits by Twitter’s internal API and many times can not be bypassed.

Some tools that promise full deletion of old tweets may not be exactly the most honest tools.

So, be sure to review them carefully before connecting your account to them.

Hopefully you know fully grasp how to delete all tweets.