How to Find Your Old Tweets

Are you looking for ways in finding those ancient tweets that you tweeted years ago? But are you finding it difficult to find those tweets?

Then you are one of the billions of people who are struggling in finding those old tweets in their twitter account.

You’re going to learn how to find your old tweets by the end of this post.

Let’s face this kind of adversity is inevitable because we keep on updating our timeline by sharing or tweeting every second.

If you ever want to share something using social media, then its twitter where you run off to. Do you want to pass the time? Twitter is a platform that is entertaining for all people.

Do you want that daily dose of sports? Different sports new have also twitter accounts. This goes to show that anyone can be able to create their twitter account.

You would’ve had gathered tons of tweet in your account, making it more difficult for you to find those tweets worth reading but are days older or weeks older.

Then you try this conventional way of scrolling down hoping that you can still see that old tweet.

How to Find Your Old Tweets

But with the rise of the number of your tweets, scrolling down won’t do you any good, you would only waste your precious time.

Frustrated, you went to the internet for answers, that’s why you are here. Are you here for the answers?

To find that easier way of finding those tweets with a snap of your fingers.

Simmer down your frustration and read on to find out the easy steps. Have you seen that search bar on twitter?

Alike with other sites, it is used to search for information. You can use it too to search for the tweet that you want to see, but there are guides for you to follow for your search to be efficient.

how to find your old tweets
use that neat search bar to start!

It is essential to narrow down your research and to type the right details. Avoid general typing details.

The chances are that Twitter is going to lead you to a lot of results that do not match your search.

Here’s what you want to do if it is someone’s tweet you want to find, type their username and the date that the tweet had been posted.

By posting these details, you are narrowing down your research. The results will be shown under the account that you have typed.

If you want to find the tweet in your account, then the same principle applies — type in your username and the date that you when you created that tweet.

Twitter will take you to the top results under your username and the date that you have entered.

It will be easier for you to find those tweets now rather than scrolling down that will take up to much of your time and would result in tedious work.

This method is only limited to several steps, but you would be able to reap the desired tweet that you are looking for.

So the next time you want to find an old tweet, you can use this method to make your life on Twitter easier than other people.

Automate it: How to Find Your Old Tweets with an Automation Tool

After you’ve learned the simplest way for how to find your old tweets, you will want to advance to professional tools. Using our old tweet finder, you’ll be able to get a single login to generate real-time reports of your twitter account history.

As a result, you will be able to quickly review, modify, or even delete offending tweets before they hit the public records or embarrass your business. Twilert offers a free old tweet tool that might be of huge service in your endeavours.