Look at Old Tweets

There are a hundred things in this world that are growing older by the minute.

You, are growing older and you might not even notice it, those things in your house are also growing.

Just like you look at your body in the mirror, you need to take a look at old tweets.

Don’t worry, both you and your old tweets are aging amazingly!

The posts that you tweet on twitter are growing older too. Believe it or not, but your recent tweets are being covered up by your new ones.

There would come a time that it would be a struggle looking at them. You would spend eternity scrolling down your timeline to look for that tweet.

Look at Old Tweets : The convenient and efficient way

For your convenience, maybe you can use a way for you to search for those tweets efficiently. This time you would not be wasting your time scrolling down, you would only be typing several words and numbers.

I’m sure that you are a fan of your tweets, so the bliss of looking at them again is a possible thing that you want to happen.

You want to read again the legacies that you will be leaving with twitter. All those tweets that once made an impact on someone.

Or that quote that you’ve retweeted that became your principle in life. Twitter holds the key in making your past happy by reading those good old and beautiful tweets of yours. But you are a facing adversity you; you don’t know how to.

The only thing that you know is to scroll down, and that’s it. If you really would want to look at those tweets again, or specific tweets within a certain time-frame, I may have a solution to that problem of yours.

As the user of your account, you must be aware of your username, you got that? This is one vital information that is going to help you recover all those ancient tweets in your account.

Another thing that you want to consider is the date or time frame that you posted that tweet old tweet. Look at old tweets with this awareness to ensure you are not missing those which are most negatively impacting your account.

After you have gathered all the necessary information, then type it in the twitter search bar. Type from: then your username, since: the starting date and until: the end date of your search.

Make sure that you complete this detail for our search to be narrowed down into the specifics.

Your life at Twitter would be truly convenient once you have known this method. It will only take a few words and numbers and a minimal amount of effort for you to search for that old tweet.

After you have entered all the necessary details, then Twitter will be presenting with you the tweets from that date in a chronological order.

Another great method is the wayback machine

It archives any webpage on the internet, and allows you to see what it looked like when they recorded the view. We are going to look at our old Twilert account here:

look at old tweetsWe selected the January 2009 date – we’ve been Tweeting for a LONG time! Here’s how our page looked back then:

look at old tweets
Our humble beginnings at twitter

As you can see, the wayback method gives you a cursory idea at what your account may have looked like historically.

You can use this to understand what you were tweeting and possibly find tweets you should delete.

Look at old tweets quickly with this method.

You can now view those old tweets that had been memorable to you. Now, you know what to do when you are faced with this dilemma. With a few simple steps, you can now view those old tweets over and over again.