Search Old Tweets

Isn’t it addicting to use the popular social media platform Twitter?

Are you one of the million users of this?

If you are one of them, I understand how much you value the memories behind your tweets.

We all have the urge to look back on and search old tweets of yours.

This article can help you with that while featuring the Twitter Advanced Search.

Search Old Tweets

Twitter is a very excellent social media platform in terms of news and updates, expressing yourself. Also, it lets you be updated on what is happening to the world, your family, friends, or idols.

Using Twitter daily by posting tweets and replies, your latter tweets might be overshadowed. If you want to look back, you can easily do the job.

Once you sign in into you’ll be able to use this advanced search.

Then you will be permitted to tailor search old tweets results sorted by date ranges, people, photos and more.

This makes it more convenient to find specific past tweets. But do you know how to use this exactly?

Well, make sure to read this article until the end. Learn how to use Twitter Advanced search old tweets instantly.

6 Steps to use the advanced search for old tweets

  1. Make sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in searching for older tweets.
  2. Open your web browser and find the search bar.
  3. Type what you are searching for and enter on
  4. Tap “More” options located at the top of the result page. Select and click “Advanced Search.”
  5. To refine the results, fill up the correct fields.
  6. For you to see the results, tap the “Search” button.
search old tweets
Searching Old Tweets

How to refine your advanced search

With the use of advanced search, you can easily refine your search results. Just use any combination of the fields shown below:

  1. Words within Tweets You Made in The Past


    • Tweets comprising all words in any spot (“Twitter” and “search”)
    • Tweets covering precise phrases (“Twitter search”)
    • Tweets encompassing any of the given words (“Twitter” or “search”)
    • Tweets without definite words (“Twitter” but not “search”)
    • Tweets including a specific hashtag (#twitter)
    • Tweets posted in a different language (written in English)
  2. People Associated with your Historical Twitter Posts

    • Old Tweets from a specific user or account (Tweeted by “@TwitterComms”)
    • Tweets directed as replies to a specific account (in reply to “@TwitterComms”)
    • Tweets mentioning a certain account (Tweet includes “@TwitterComms”)
  3. Places where you may have posted tweets a long time ago

    • Tweets sent from a geographic location. For example, a specific city, state, country
    • To select the geographic location, make use of the place dropdown
  4. Dates
    • Tweets sent before or after a specific date or within a date range
    • To choose a “from” date, “to” date or both, use the calendar dropdown
    • Look for older tweets at any date since the first public Tweet

You can strongly modify your search results by combining fields in the advanced search for your old tweets queries

Following all these instructions, you’ll be able to use the Twitter Advanced Search in searching for your old tweets or someone else’s.

The result won’t be confusing since you can choose it to be sorted or categorized.

You’ll be able to reminisce your older tweets without needing scrolling repeatedly.

Then, you can do anything you want with your older tweets.

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