Track a Tweet

A tweet comes and goes. Like other things in life, you might lose track of it as time pass by. Either it is a retweet, mention, or a simple tweet. Managing your twitter and learning how to track a tweet is important since some of them are important information that you just need to keep an eye for it.

Twitter let the use of different settings to promote a systematic plan or even a chain of events. This lets you take boss of your own Twitter account without the need of someone specialized to do it. Keeping an eye for your twitter means managing your account throughout of it.

Track A Tweet On Twitter

Some problems that are usually encountered with this application are those tweets that came from a long time. Like a birthday message or your childhood photo that you seem to forget. Not only that, but you can also track your tweet by seeing the interaction of your tweet from other people. This lets you see the engagement of your tweets, such as the views, likes, and replies, are seen.

If you are running a business account on Twitter, then tracking your account is a very important factor needed to be acquired. This lets you see how your posts are going and how many persons are seeing it.

By this, you can be able to make some decisions or adjustments to spread it. Of course, Twitter would be presenting some options that you can choose.

An example of how to track a tweet in our tracking and alerting tool, Twilert:

Track a Tweet
Track a Tweet

Twitter is now hosting a dashboard that the users can use. This lets them keep in track of the activities of their tweets and other actions. You can see how many people are getting engage with your tweets over time.

They call it analytics. It is placed with specific detailed insights on your tweets and your audience. Down below are the ways on how to access the Twitter dashboard

Set up automated Twitter Search Alerts if the manual tracking process seems to cumbersome.

Getting Started

To start with, you will need to log in to this site: You may enter your personal details similar to logging in normally, such as your username and password.

If you are using a desktop or a laptop, then this method will work smoothly. Simply entering this site and you can click on the tweets you want to get in track of.

Track tweet metrics with TwilertBut if you are using the smartphone application of Twitter, whether, on Android or iOS, it is already present in your application as mobile twitter search. You can tap on the analytics icon that is made visible for individual tweets. Just make sure that you have the latest version of Twitter on your device.

Once you get into the tweet activity dashboard, there are certain details that you may see such as the impressions, engagements, media engagements, detail expands, likes, and other. Both work on a desktop browser and on the smartphone version.

If you’re looking for professional tools to help you track a tweet or brand oTrack Tweetsn twitter, Twilert offers an advanced alert and monitoring tool that has helped over 30,000 users monitor twitter for their brand or products. We are even offering a free 20-alert trial to get you started.

In conclusion, this has made getting specific details for your tweets that may come handy to some. Some applications let you have the same details, but this can work just fine. But if you want a faster and more specific result, you can try applications or tools present in this application.