Track Your Twitter

Whether you are having a business account or just a regular Twitter user, the ability to track your twitter is a necessity.

But if you just like using Twitter for a past time, then it isn’t really a need.

For some, they use to track their twitter to know what time their followers are more active and tends to tweet at that time.

Tracking your twitter account come in different details such as the impressions of your tweets that include the likes, retweets, and even replies.

Once you’ve mentioned or you got a mention, you can also see that on your dashboard.

Other people have a specific tool or application that they use to keep their Twitter account on track.

They connect the tool they are using and having it let the updates to work.

By tracking your daily activities on Twitter, you can be able to compare your tweet activity and the number of followers you have on a certain amount of time.

You can also get detailed insights from your audience and the ones who are directly engaged with your tweets.

Track Your Twitter

This tracking is made possible by the brand new update of Twitter that lets you track your activities.

They are called as the Twitter analytics dashboard, and it provided different benefits for the users, especially influencers and company accounts.

Here is the process to access on the dashboard.

An example using TWILERT to easily set up monitoring and alerts

Track Your Twitter
Track Your Twitter with Twilert

Since Twitter can be both accessed to desktop and smartphones, each of them has different features present.

If you are using a laptop in where you are much surely using a browser site to log in to your Twitter account, then you can start by logging in to

There is no hassle in logging in this site since it is the same by logging in to the actual twitter site, you will need both your username and password.

But if you are using your smartphone, you can find the analytics icon found visible in your individual tweets.

Only make sure that you have the updated version of Twitter on your device. The Twitter activity dashboard is currently available to all users either from languages around the globe, so there is no worry.

Activity Dashboard on Desktop

If you are using your desktop, enter the link then you will see different details such as the impressions and engagement of other people in your tweets.

You can click your individual tweet to look for the data on that tweet.

Activity Dashboard on Mobile Phones

If you are currently using your phone or any mobile devices, you can check out your tweet activity right below your actual tweet.

Like the features present in the desktop device, you can see the different engagement present in your tweet by other users.

There is also an icon that says, “Increase your reach,” but it will require some cash. This lets your tweet to be promoted and publicized.

Usually, the ones who promotes their tweets are business companies and influencers to maintain a large number of users viewing their post and to encourage them.