I havn’t received any alerts – what’s wrong?

Are there results showing in the ‘history’ panel of your Twilert? If there are and you still haven’t received any alerts then check your spam folder and add the email address [email protected] to your safe sender list as Twilerts can sometimes get caught up in your spam folder.

If there are no results in the ‘history’ section of your Twilert and you haven’t received any alerts, this could be caused by one of the below reasons:

  • There aren’t any tweets that match your search parameters

If the ‘history’ section of your Twilert account is empty this means that there haven’t been any tweets which match your search criteria yet. As soon as there are tweets that match your search criteria, these will be sent in an email alert.

  • Your search terms are too specific

A common error is to setup a single Twilert that looks for all of the search terms you are interested in, for example:

‘football’ ‘worldcup’ ‘brazil’ ‘thisisengland’ ‘game’

This search alert is looking for tweets that contain ALL of the search terms: ‘football’, ‘worldcup’, ‘brazil’, ‘thisisengland’ and ‘game’ in any order or combination. It is unlikely that a user would tweet containing all five of those keywords in a single tweet, so it is best to break the search down into individual twilerts or use the ‘OR’ operator instead, for example:

‘football worldcup’ OR ‘thisisengland’

If you still haven’t recevied any alerts after checking the points above, please send your search and twitter handle to [email protected] and we will be happy to look into this for you.