Old Tweets

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Given the society nowadays, teenagers, even adults, are now digital. It is a must to have your smartphones. It is considered a need in this generation.

And if you have a mobile device of any kind, it is given that you have several social media accounts in your bag including Twitter with some old tweets you may need to access.

There are several social media tools that people with all ages are inclined with, but one of the most dealt applications or popular social media platform is Twitter.

Twitter contains anything from news, issues, sports, and even quotes online. A social media platform where you can be yourself without the benefit of using your real name.

old tweets
Old Tweets

Let’s say that you are already a person that is adept with twitter and you now have spent various years and had interacted with many issues by tweeting about it.

As hours, days, or even years goes by there are tweets that you have already forgotten. With a lot of issues or news that are on twitter that you are interested in, you overlooked the other tweets.

What Are Old Tweets?

Old tweets are basically whatever you want them to be. If you think that your tweets are old when they’re more than a week out then that’s what it means to you.

To some people they’re not really old tweets until they’re at least a few years old (and when it comes to Twitter that could mean thousands and thousands of tweets).

In general, they’re going to be anything that doesn’t really seem to be getting a lot of interest and traction at the present time.

What you really need to know about old tweets is that they don’t have to just fade into obscurity. You don’t have to just let them do what they will or forget about them.

In fact, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons that you shouldn’t do that and some of the reasons that you should absolutely be taking another look at what you have posted.

Before you know it, you could actually be attracting even more attention and even more fans just based on things that you haven’t looked at or thought about in years.

A Quick Example – Why Old Tweets Can Come Back to Haunt You

You have become a councilor mayor or deputy, or just got a good job. However, you have had an intense youth in the streets in a thousand causes.

Or you’ve simply enjoyed a crazy youth in bars. And you have left a glorious trail on social networks.

Suddenly, you think that your digital past will chase you like the villain of a movie. That message on Twitter in which you made fun of the police, the church, the government, or all the above haunted you.

Some tweets with all that swear words, are being searched by your boss or someone important in your life.

It’s too late to wish I thought about it before writing. It will not help you to resort to the context of that message, to that you were a different person, to that you have changed your mind, or that you were just talking to some brainless people.

A radical solution is imposed, and above all urgent. We must erase the evidence of the crime that is not really a crime, but that everyone will define as a crime.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Old Tweets

How long have you actually been posting on Twitter? The platform itself has been around for quite a while, and that means, if you started right away, you could have hundreds or thousands of tweets out there.

For some people that’s just too much, but there are all kinds of reasons that those old tweets can be a great feature for you.

And there are plenty of reasons that you should definitely be leaving them alone so that you and other people can see them.

12 Reasons Why Old Tweets Are Important

You may not think that those old posts really mean much of anything. After all, they could be quite old. Some of them might even be several years old and you’re not sure why they matter at all.

In fact, you might just completely ignore them and everything that they might represent, but that means you could be missing out on some great opportunities and some fun. After all, who doesn’t like going back to some of their past? You can check out all of these things and a whole lot more.

1. See Your Twitter Account History

One of the first things about old content that you might like is that you can see where you came from. You can take a look back at some of the old things that you posted and you can see how you started and how you have progressed.

In a business account this can be a lot of fun for you but it can also be a lot of fun for your audience and your customers as well.

They want to see how you’ve evolved and changed throughout the years and how your business has continued to improve and expand as well.

2. See Important Historical Tweets

If you posted about important of major events or if you had a personal account you’ll have an opportunity to see some of the important things that were happening in your past. You’ll be able to look at things like family get-togethers and holidays.

You’ll also be able to look back on the issues that you may have talked about or major events, environmental disasters. All of those things can give you a whole new look at history and at things that might have seemed important then but aren’t anymore.

As you get older this can really put things into perspective about your personal life as well.

4. Understand How Your Audience Reacts to Tweets

Taking a look back at some of your old content can also help you to see more about what your audience likes and how your audience has changed over the years.

You’ll be able to see the posts that did really well throughout the time you’ve been posting and you’ll be able to see the posts that didn’t do so well.

That can give you a bit more information and insight into just what kind of content you should be posting about now because that’s what your audience likes.

5. Observer How Your Twitter Follower Evolution

Sometimes you decide to change up your business a little (or a lot) over time. If that’s true for you then you might have an opportunity to see how your audience has changed over time and just what they’ve been doing now that they weren’t before (or vice versa).

You may want to see what kind of content you were posting before you changed and what kind of content you’re posting now. From there, you might be able to find out more about what the new audience would want compared to the old one or what types of things got people engaged before.

6.  Find and Repurpose Old Content and Old Tweets

Sometimes it’s a good idea to share some of that old content again. You might find something that’s interesting and that your fans might like. You might find something funny or nostalgic.

If you posted about an important event or something that seemed major at the time you might find it interesting to share and tell people about it again.

You also might find that people related well to that content the first time and you might want to check out the kind of response that you can get the second time around. After all, it’s been a while since they saw it last, right?

7. Remix Historical Tweets and Generate Content Ideas

You don’t necessarily have to share an old post again the exact same way it was. In fact, that might not be a good idea depending on the type of things you talk about.

After all, things might change over time and you may want to talk about the newest and most up-to-date information you can find about that content.

So, if you talked about interest rates before and now they’ve changed then talking about interest rates again might be a great option for something new to talk about. And you might be surprised how well it goes over.

8. Just Plain Nostalgia – Even Embarrassing Tweets Can Be Endearing

Sometimes you just want to take a look back down memory lane. Even if you’re not going to do anything with that content you might still want to just take a look at it and see what’s out there.

Maybe you want to see some of those old pictures or old quotes or whatever it was you were posting about all those years (or even months) ago.

You never know what you’ll find that you might have forgotten all about or you might find something that you really love.

9. Enjoy the Growth and History of Your Twitter Account

While you’re at it with the nostalgia you can actually take a bit of time to enjoy those happy memories and even some of the not-so-happy ones. Maybe you had a loved one that you used to share about but they’re no longer with you. Maybe you had a business partner that turned sour.

No matter what it was you were posting about before you can definitely bring up some memories and you can relive some of those moments in good and bad ways.

Then, you can use those emotions and those feelings or memories to start creating additional content.

10.  Attract New Twitter Followers

You never know what kind of content is going to draw someone in. If they just start following you or they’re thinking about following you they’re probably going to take a closer look at some of the old things that you posted.

They’ll scroll through your feed and your profile and they might find some of those old things.

You never know.

They might decide those things are really great and they might decide to comment, share or otherwise engage. That could breathe new life into those old tweets that you thought were gone for good.

11. Forcing the Attention

If you really want to get people posting on something again you don’t necessarily have to repost it either. You can actually comment or engage with it yourself, which might be enough to get it back on someone’s feed.

If you comment, add new hashtags, update something or otherwise interact with the post it will help your audience to see it again and that’s definitely going to make a big difference without you having to do much of anything else.

It’s going to be a whole lot easier and you’re still going to get results from it.

11. b Continuing to Change

If you look back on your old tweets and content and realize you’ve gotten away from your mission and your goal it’s time to reevaluate. You can take a closer look at what you used to talk about and make a decision about whether that’s where you still want to be.

If you look at your old tweets and realize that’s what you wish you were talking about again then you can absolutely change up your current content.

Start talking about those old things again and make the changes to get back to where you wish you were all along.

How to Monitor Your Old Tweets

If you’re thinking about doing anything with that old content you need to know how you can monitor it, right? Well, if you’re just going back into your archives every so often to take a look you’re going to get there, but you’re definitely going to be wasting a whole lot of time and energy.

Plus, you always run the risk of missing something.

That means you could miss the goldmine of content that you have hidden away in the midst of some of your less important tweets. Then what do you do?

Twilert.com the twitter tracking tool is one way that you can make sure that your old tweets are working for you and that you’re actually monitoring everything that they do for you.

This service is a super simple one that allows you to track every tweet that you make. It also allows you the freedom to track a whole lot more, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, you can set up your tweets with specific tracking information so that when they get shared, commented on or anything else, you can see where they’re going and just how much of a reach they’re actually getting.

With this service also, you’ll be able to choose the hashtags and mentions that you want to follow. That means it doesn’t even have to be about the things that you yourself have done. Y

ou can track the content that your followers and fans are posting. So, if they actually mention you when they post about your product or when they mention your product you’re going to have no problem tracking that information. You’re seeing what they’re talking about and how many people are going to see that information.

It’s a whole lot more successful and more informative for you.

Now, you absolutely can use Twitter itself to get some of the notifications that you’re looking for. You can just rely on the information that they provide you for free.

If you’re learning how to see someones old tweets, This allows you to get notifications sent directly to your phone or other mobile device when someone comments or otherwise engages with the content that you’ve posted.

Twitter actually shows you notifications for any and all of your posts, so it’s not just about the most recent things that you post either. You’ll be able to see things even from years ago. But you’re not going to get as many of the reports.

With Twilert.com you’re going to have all of the information you need about when someone posts and just how it’s actually impacting your business.

You’ll have the notifications that you can receive periodically (however often you want) and then you’ll also be able to look at full reports of information that you’ve received.

That means information about just how your content is doing for you and just which content is doing the best.

From there, it’s going to be entirely up to you to decide what you want to do with the information and how you’re going to use it to create more content.

Searching Your Old Tweets

Now, if you’re looking for specific information and you know that you posted about it in the past you may want to know about how you can actually search those old tweets.

After all, you might want to look at some of the first tweets you made or at some of the specific ones.

If you’re not interested in just scrolling mindlessly through as many tweets as possible you may want to take a closer look at specific things or times that you posted about a specific phrase or product. That’s where you need a search function.

Twitter gives you some search capabilities all on its own. So you’ll have the ability to look at things from specific time frames or about specific things.

If you want to look at the posts you made on a certain date you can set it up to search only your username and to look at posts that were made during that time frame.

Twitter will let you select other criteria, like certain keywords or hashtags, certain mentions or even content that you want to exclude. That way, you’ll be able to quickly and easily scroll through the content you want to see.

Now, you may want to search only a specific thing, such as a specific keyword or a specific person. If you don’t have a lot of particulars about the content you want to look at it’s super easy to use Twitter’s regular search feature to go through.

If you want to search more advanced things, however, or you want to be able to include a range of different criteria and exclude some criteria as well, you may want to use the advanced function in order to get even more options to help you out.

What’s really great about these options is that you don’t only have to search your own tweets. You can set it up so that it only looks at a specific username and therefore only displays the things that you were talking about, but you don’t have to do that.

You can also decide to look at specific things or time periods but not worry about who was actually posting them. That can give you a unique glimpse back into the time period, even better than you might have remembered.

Making the Most of Your Old Tweets

When it comes down to it, there are all kinds of things that you can do with those old tweets and all different ways that you can enjoy them as well. After all, you don’t want any of your content to be a one-hit wonder, right?

You want them to just keep pulling people in and keep making great impacts for you with your followers and fans.

Old tweets may not seem like they can really do much for you, especially on a platform that updates as frequently as Twitter, but they definitely can.

Stop Scrolling All The Time!

But scrolling back is a tedious process for some people, and Twitter would limit your scrolling only to the 3,200 tweets that you have made, how about those year old tweets?

Well, don’t be upset because there is a way for you to look and admire at those centuries-old tweets that you have.

The way is to request the full archive from Twitter. What you want to do is to boot your settings then scroll down until you find the word “content” and press the button “request your archive.”

Then let twitter do the work, for several seconds. Twitter will then send you a link whenever your requested archive is ready for download.

Old Tweets in Twilert
Old Tweets in Twilert

When Twitter has already sent you the link you may download it and voila, even the very first thing that you twitted will be on the list.

Doesn’t this make your life easy rather than scrolling? Now, you can reminisce starting from the first ever thing that you have twitted.

Old Tweets : Your 6 Steps to Recover

So if you are planning on looking at those old tweets, we have two options for you.

The first option is our favorite. Why? Because we built it!  We built the Old Tweet Tool to help users search, filter, and analyze all of the Tweets in the account that they control. We made these baseline features free for anyone to use.

To use it:

5 Easy Steps for Searching Twitter to View Your Old Tweets

  1. Make sure you are logged into Twitter
  2. log in to the Old Tweet Tool Here.
  3. Your tweets should load up. However, it may take up to one minute.
  4. Try out the search bar, then press “filter” to see how to search your tweets for terms or hashtags.
  5. Specify the date range of your old tweets by chaging the dates.

See the tool in action with this animation:


To Retrieve your entire twitter archive in a download format, follow these steps:

6 Steps to Download Twitter Archive

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Find Account/ Content
  3. Click the “request your archive button”
  4. Wait for the email to be sent to you (up to one hour)
  5. Now, enjoy looking back at those old tweets of yours
  6. Keep on tweeting!

Alternatively, if you want to do more with your archive including taking actions like

Twilert’s Old Tweet Tool will help

Looking for old tweets via Twitter Search

Here, we have only exposed the subject from a comical point of view. But there are times when it is necessary to look for someone’s old tweets for other reasons.

Sometimes for information, others for verifying anything or even for legal reasons.

If you browse the network, you will see that there are pages that allow you to do so, but they are not necessary. The Twitter service itself has a system for looking for excellent old tweets.

Everything is based on a formula that we will have to put in the twitter keyword search engine.

So, you have to put this formula in your twitter search engine:
From: [Username] since: [Year] – [Month] – [Day] until: [Year] – [Month] – [Day]

Easy, it’s even easier than you think. Basically, you only need the name of the user, a start date of the search and another date of completion.

For example, you want to find a tweet by Adidas on a certain period of time, you will type:
From: adidas since: 2011-01-01 until: 2011-01-31

There you go, you will fin all the tweets done between that time range. However, you must be very careful with the spaces. Perhaps the brand or a person tweeting something not good, and if you make it viral, it’s not good to do so.

As we always say, if you have any doubt about the process, leave us a comment and we’ll give you a hand.

Other Tools for Old Tweets

Alternatively to manually searching old tweets the hard, slow, and painful way as described above, we are going to show you a few tools that will automatically reach far back into the past and show you your aged posts on Twitter.

Assuming you’re looking for the fastest way to see old tweets, then a few of these free tools may suffice. If you need more advanced analysis, then it behooves you to look towards professional tools like Twilert.

Pro tools will allow you to:

  • See your ENTIRE tweet history
  • Allow you to perform actions on historical tweets like retweeting, deleting , or even commenting with a tweet response
  • Easily search through the mass of data – it’s hard to find what you’re looking for with free tools
  • Data and analytics: Professional tools will provide analytics platforms that can tell you more about the sentiment of the account, the linquistic trends, and much more analysis
  • Export data to your own tools – database, excel, or JSON
  • API for pro accessibility so that you can integrate it with your own software
  • Integrations – take the results of your data and send it to any number of thousands of tools

Free Tools Generally do not do all of this and only show a list. And if you want to eliminate a lot of comments from your Twitter profile, we recommend the following solutions.

Free Or Cheap Old Tweets Twitter Tools

Here is a quick overview of some free and very cheap tools that may help you achieve one or two small features at a time. Keep in mind, many of these are very old, and we found some functions where not working well.

If you want to get consistent behavior, it would be best to consider the professional paid tools.

  • Snapbird: is a tool far superior to the current Twitter search, it allows you to find old tweets and even some Dm’s.
  • SocialSafe: makes a backup of everything you have done on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+).
    • The application can be tested for free but it has a premium version to backup all Social Networks.
    • For Facebook, it stores your photos, tagged photos, comments, “me gta” and mentions, the same for Google+. While on Twitter saves all the tweets, not just the last 3,200.
  • TweetBackUp: it is bakcup service of tweets, but only stores the last 3,200 tweets.
  • Twimemachine: it allows you to search for words in the last 3,200 tweets of a user.
  • BackUpMyTweets: It is tool to find your last 3,200 tweets unlike the others, allows you to convert them into a blog or receive your backup by email.
  • Twissues: It allows you to backup all your tweets, search among the tweets you have sent and simultaneously control the Trending Topics of up to 3 different zones.
  • My First Tweet: It is a tool to find your first tweet sent on Twitter (It does not work if you have already sent more than 3,200 tweets on Twitter)
  • DataSift: This company is dedicated to store all the tweets since Twitter was released to the market, the only drawback is that it only works for companies not for individuals.
  • Allmytweets: It allows you to view your last 3,200 tweets in a single page. It does not have a search box but you can do them manually with your browser’s search engine.
  • Backtweets: It allows you to search the last tweets with certain Url’s, hashtag or Twitter users
  • The Archivist: it searches and analyzes the tweets you personally have sent on Twitter
  • TweetScan: it allows you to automatically download your last 1000 tweets

When we upload a publication to Instagram or Facebook, we can edit it if we make a mistake. We can edit the text body of what we upload to Instagram or Facebook.

But we can not do it on Twitter and there are many users who ask that the social network allow editing tweets for all the times in which we are equivalent.

Twitter does not allow you to edit tweets, for now, but you can do so thanks to a trick that ADSLZone partners bring and that will allow you to edit tweets once published. You will not have to erase them and rewrite them as you have to do until now.

Something very useful that will serve us in our day to day if it does not convince us how it has been or if we have dealt with any lack of spelling, for example.

To achieve this you will have to download the Covfefe extension, an add-on that allows you to install yourself in the Google Chrome browser and allows you to edit our already published tweets.

You can install it from the official Google Chrome browser store and it will allow you very useful things if you use Twitter often.

The extension is installed and once it is ready you just need to click on the new button in the toolbar and log in to your Twitter account to start using the different advantages and tools. For example, the editing option.

If you realize that the tweet has a failure you can change it if you do it in a maximum period of 15 seconds, as well as to delete messages on WhatsApp.

If when you publish you see that there is a failure you will be able to edit it but you will have to be quick to realize it.

You can also edit old tweets from Covfefe although you will not edit it as such, but it will erase the original tweet and publish a new modified tweet. Even if you erase it, it will save you work from having to find it, delete it and create a new one.

Undoubtedly, something very useful although we are still waiting for Twitter to decide to launch a new tool that allows, without any third-party app or extension, to edit everything when we make mistakes without needing to erase and rewrite.

Twime Machine

Twime machine is an old tool that is really simple for old tweets. Pardon the UI, but it was made a LONG time ago. It only allows you to search the past 3,200 tweets, so it may not be the most appropriate tool for professional use.

With Twime Machine, You will have to find a way to scrape or download the tweet data in order to do any analysis. However, if you need to glance and find some tweets, this tool is for you.:

Example from TwimeMachine



Allmytweets is pretty much exactly like Twime machine. Simple, intuitive, and free out of the box. UI could use some love. You can not perform actions on the list of tweets – you can only view them. With all my tweets, you can hide replies, hide or delete retweets, and use a different username as options.

It only returns the Twitter API limit of 3,200 historical tweets and should not be considered for professional use. It doesn’t look like you can delete all tweets free with this app – it’s just good for looking a list to see all old tweets.

Twilert on allmytweets.net


SnapBird allows you to do a little bit more than the previously mentioned tools. As you can see in the first image, snapbird allows you to search a few things including going back further than the standard 10 days for insights about your friend’s tweets, your DMs, any even the “liked” posts of a users that you specify.

Simply connect the app to your Twitter account and play with the settings. The second image below shows your search options in snap bird

The options for twitter search you have with snapbird


You can delete tweets with just one click. This is how TweetDeleter is presented, an online service to search, find and delete several Twitter messages at the same time.

TweetDeleter allows you to mark two or more comments to delete them instantly. And, for the most radical, it is also possible to delete all the comments with the Total Elimination option.

Another interesting feature is automatic deletion, which programs the deletion of tweets according to specific parameters.

The search for comments can be by keyword, by type of comment (tweet, retweet or reply), by type of associated content (images, Instagram, YouTube) or by period of time.

TweetDeleter is free for the first 5 tweets and 5 searches. From there, we can subscribe monthly to eliminate a greater amount of comments.


Take full control of how and when your tweets are removed. DeleteHub is a service with the same purpose, clean our Twitter profile of old comments.Specifically, DeleteHub allows us to delete comments of a certain age, such as a week or certain hours or months.

As additional options, it is possible not to eliminate fixed tweets or retweets. In addition, the deletion can be limited to comments after a certain date and leave others older.

DeleteHub does not allow you to search old tweets for comments by keyword or content type, but in return it is totally free, at least in its beta period, fully functional.

Twitter Archive Eraser

Thought to eliminate tweets, favorites and direct messages, Twitter Archive Eraser does not work online, you have to download it and run it on a Windows PC.

It has an installable version and a portable version without installation, and after giving permission to access our Twitter account, we can upload our file of old comments or request them to Twitter.

Then we can filter them by time period, keyword and select two or more to eliminate several tweets, favorites and DMS in one sitting.

The official Twitter Archive Archive page explains the steps to follow through text and with a YouTube video.


If you only want to delete old comments of a certain date. TweetDelete makes it easy for you. You indicate the age and the oldest tweets will be erased automatically.

The service is free and very simple. In addition, we can keep it active to delete old comments in the future or make a single deletion.
For technical reasons, TweetDelete can only access the last 3,200 comments to remove the oldest.


For Public relations and brand management, many companies like to monitor their twitter account for old tweets that may be embarrassing, damaging to the brand, or just not reflect the brand’s modern social media strategy.

To find these culprit posts, one must usually manually scour the history of an account manually with Twitter’s built-in tools.

However with our API access, we’ve created a simple and effective tool to find and remove defective posts that are damaging your brand.

So, do you find difficulties to find and delete your old tweets? Let us know win the comment below!