There are various analytical tools which track tweets with certain keywords for you. This analysis helps you to be in touch with consumers of your product or services. You can track what is being said and shared about your company or establishment by current or potential consumers. By keeping track of social media buzz, you can engage with interested parties and join in on the conversation.

One example of such twitter analytical tools is Twilert. It monitors the tweets and send regular alerts to your email inbox whenever someone tweets about your brand, product or service.

How Twilert Works to Track Tweets

You can search for terms. You can choose what you want to search for, your search can range from brand name to a keyword or a competitive business Twitter handle. This allows you to keep up with your area of interest.

You can also filter results. Naarrow down results by language, geolocation, demography or by user’s handle by using different Twilert search filters. Customize your filters according to your need after reviewing the results.

One more thing you can do is enable to receive alerts. Twilert monitors twitter for the search terms, you had previously mentioned, 24 hours a day and send you an email alert. You can choose how often you wish to receive the alerts, it can hourly, daily or weekly whatever suits you best.

Track Tweets
Track Tweets

Features Twilert Offers

  • Get an email alert whenever the keywords, brand names or any other specification mentioned.
  • Unlimited alerts available for all subscription plans
  • Pro+ account users get access to real time alerts. Get notified of tweets as soon as they happen.
  • Easy to use advanced search filters.
  • Store your tweet history which is searchable too.
  • Agency+ accounts accessible by multiple users and email groups.
  • Track Tweets with Twilert and If This Then That (IFFT)

You can utilize IFTTT Applet to get notifications when specified tweets, hashtags or user’s handles are mentioned in a certain area. Enable the applet by using Twilert use of RSS feed of notifications. This applet is useful in instances when you traveling or staying at a particular place for an extended period. You can track tweets of certain individuals by using Twilert history of tweets which match your queries. You can use this feature for security and investigative purposes.

How Twilert Is Different from Other Tools

As twitter being one of the most popular social media platforms where nearly all the information ends up, ranging from world news to what’s going on in your personal life. Therefore, there are many analytical tools in the market which track and monitor tweets like Google Alert and Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck tracks specified hashtags, user handles and keywords but you have to open the app to be updated. Opening the app every time you need to be updated can be hectic especially in this day and age. Twilert on the other hand sends alerts to your email and keeps you posted of every activity done by your specified search terms.

Google Alert keeps you updated only on popular topics. It alerts you when your key terms are found in top ten web searches which is not suitable if your area of interest is a small-scale company.

One of Twilert’s unique selling point is that it was developed before Firehose and as a result Twilert had developed a better way to work against twitter’s API. As it does not use Firehose, the cost of operation for its users remain low while providing a reliable service unlike other twitter monitoring tools.