Track Tweets

There are various analytical tools which track tweets with certain keywords for you.

This analysis helps you to be in touch with consumers of your product or services.

You can track what is being said and shared about your company or establishment by current or potential consumers.

By keeping track of social media buzz, you can engage with interested parties and join in on the conversation.

One example of such twitter analytical tools is Twilert. It monitors the tweets and send regular alerts to your email inbox whenever someone tweets about your brand, product or service.

When it comes to running any type of business you want to know how much of a reach you’re actually getting.

You want to know how many people are finding you because of the tweets that you make or how many people are at least seeing them, right?

You want to be able to judge different types of information or different tweets and see what’s making a big impact.

But just how are you going to do all of that tracking? It’s actually easier than you might think to track tweets.

Why You Want to Track Tweets The Easy Way : 6 Great Reasons

Let’s start out with why you even want to track your tweets. What’s the big deal about being able to see who’s reading those messages you’re putting out? Well, there are actually a number of reasons that you would want to see what’s happening with your messages and all of them are going to have something to do with your bottom line, at least, over time they will.

That’s because your tweets are going to be a big way that you’re generating revenue if you’re running any form of business.

1. See What Tweets Are Most Effective

One of the best things you can do by tracking tweets is see what type of information people really care about. If you write one tweet and it doesn’t really do well you know that people aren’t as interested in that information.

If you post another one that does do well you’ll know that’s where you should probably be focusing your attention.

You’ll be able to get an accurate and super simple way of running tests almost. After all, you’re posting different tweets about different things and tracking how far and how long they just keep going.

2. See The Best Tweet TIme

Now, there is another side to that.

It’s possible that you could post about the same type of thing but at different times of the day and get different results.

That’s an important thing to look at as well. Take a closer look at what type of information people like and then start posting at different times of the day to see when your target audience is actually online.

You want to make sure you’re hitting the right type of post at the right time so that you can get the maximum level of reach and engagement on those posts.

3. See Who Has the Best Twitter Ratio

Next up, you can see which people are sharing or engaging with your content the most and which of those people are driving the most reach for your tweets.

You might have one fan that loves your product or service and retweets or comments all the time, but they might not be able to get you a lot of reach.

Another person may comment or retweet only occasionally but they might be actually drawing in even more people and pushing your tweet even further along. That kind of information can help you as you keep moving forward.

4. Get Better Tweet Reach

The main reason you’re going to want to see all of these things is that you want to get your reach out even further. You want more people to be able to see that tweet every single time. When you post something you don’t want just a couple people to see it and then move on.

You want hundreds and thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people to see what you’re posting and then make sure that they’re sharing it to even more people (and so on and so on).

You’d like it to be almost a never-ending process.

5. Get More Twitter Followers

When you get more reach you’re going to get more people paying attention to what you post in the future as well.

That’s because all the people who saw your tweet have a higher chance of being interested in something else that you might post.

They might at least check your page after seeing that tweet and, if you’re lucky, they might decide to follow you and see just what it is that you have to offer them in the future.

The further the post gets the more people see it and the more that will potentially decide that you’re worth following.

6. Make More Income from Twitter

The more followers you have the more people that are going to be interested in your product and the more people who are going to make a purchase.

That means you’re going to have more income coming in as well. And once you get someone to make a purchase you have a higher chance of them continuing to come back to you again and again for additional purchases.

And all of that is going to come from knowing just how to style your tweets and getting as much reach as you possibly can.

What it The Ability to Track Tweets Does for You

When you track tweets you’re actually figuring out a way to watch the tweet from the moment you post it on your page until it eventually fades out.

Now, any tweet is going to be visible there on your page forever (unless you delete it or close out your account) but it’s likely not going to get much attention or interest after that first time it’s posted and shared out.

So, when you track a tweet you get to see just how far it reaches before that time.

Track Tweets with Twilert
Track Tweets with Twilert

The truth is, a tweet could live on for a couple hours or a few days or even weeks or months. Some truly viral content seems to pop up again randomly and you never know when you’re going to see it again.

You want to know when all of these things are happening and you want to know when people stop sharing or commenting about your tweet.

You can do that if you track them properly because you’re going to have all of the information possible about just what they are and how they work for you.

That lets you make plans for the future.

When you know all of the things we’ve already talked about above you can make sure that your tweets are getting maximum airtime.

That means you can make sure you’re creating the right type of content, you’re sharing it at the right time of day, and you’re sharing it to the right people so that it gets as far as it possibly can before people stop showing interest.

That’s because the more people that content reaches, the more people that are potentially going to continue coming back to you and checking out what you have to offer.

How Tweet Tracking Works

All right, are you convinced now?

Are you ready to start tracking tweets and figuring out just how to make it work for you?

If you are then you definitely want to know the system and the process. Well, tracking tweets is a whole lot simpler than you might think.

All you need is the right system and software to help you and then you set up an account and tell it what you want it to track.

It’s not just tweets that come from you that you can track, it’s also tweets that are about you or your products.

Automatically Track Tweets
Automatically monitor tweets with Twilert

The first step is finding the right software or system to use and one of the best is With this system you can create your own account and link your Twitter account to it.

From there, you get to set up just what it is you want to track. If you only want to track your own tweets you can do it.

If you want to track any tweet that mentions you or your product you can do that as well. That makes it super simple for you to keep track of everything that’s going on about you and your business.

After you’ve set things up you’ll be able to see reports that detail exactly what’s going on with the tweets and mentions that you’re following.

Then, you get to decide what you’re going to do with them. Look at the reports and see just how much your tweets are getting out and to who.

You might be surprised and all of those reports are going to make it easier for you to make a plan in the future as well. You just evaluate everything that’s reported and decide how you’re going to move forward.

What You Want to Track When Planning Tweets

If you’re looking at how to track tweets you want to make sure that you know what you’re actually tracking too. You need to pay attention to the criteria that you map out on your software.

If you tell it only to track tweets that you make that means you’re not going to get any information about when someone else mentions you or mentions your product.

Maybe you don’t want or need that kind of information, but it might be nice to track because then you know how much help you’re getting without having to do anything at all.

Creating Tweet TrackingTracking your own tweets means you’re going to know the value of your own work. You’re going to have the opportunity to see just how well you’re doing personally.

So if you’re thinking you want to track tweets this is definitely where you want to start.

From here, however, you’re going to want to think about the other options and all of the different things you could be paying closer attention to, and just why you might want to track them, because it’s about even more than just the benefits we talked about already.

Tracking when someone else mentions you or when someone mentions your product means that they would have to use the @ sign or a # with a specific thing.

If you want to track mentions of you specifically you want to make sure you put the right @ options into the tracking software.

This will let you know who is talking about you or about specific pages that you manage, which is going to make it easier for you to see where you’re getting some good, free advertising and information.

It’s also going to show you how much reach you have just from your fans and followers.

If you use specific hashtags then you’re going to be searching people who reference something similar to you.

Maybe you want to search for a hashtag that’s your username or your product name. That lets you know when people are talking about you but not tagging you.

This can work in a similar way because it’s still going to be free advertising and free mentions that will get your name and your products out there without you having to do anything.

But you want to see how successful all of those things are so you can be prepared for anything.

How Twilert Works to Track Tweets

You can search for terms. You can choose what you want to search for, your search can range from brand name to a keyword or a competitive business Twitter handle.

This allows you to keep up with your area of interest.

You can also filter results. Naarrow down results by language, geolocation, demography or by user’s handle by using different Twilert search filters.

Customize your filters according to your need after reviewing the results.

One more thing you can do is enable to receive alerts. Twilert monitors twitter for the search terms, you had previously mentioned, 24 hours a day and send you an email alert.

You can choose how often you wish to receive the alerts, it can hourly, daily or weekly whatever suits you best.

Track Tweets
Track Tweets

Features Twilert Offers

  • Get an email alert whenever the keywords, brand names or any other specification mentioned.
  • Unlimited alerts available for all subscription plans
  • Pro+ account users get access to real time alerts. Get notified of tweets as soon as they happen.
  • Easy to use advanced search filters.
  • Store your tweet history which is searchable too.
  • Agency+ accounts accessible by multiple users and email groups.
  • Track Tweets with Twilert and If This Then That (IFFT)

You can utilize IFTTT Applet to get notifications when specified tweets, hashtags or user’s handles are mentioned in a certain area.

Enable the applet by using Twilert use of RSS feed of notifications. This applet is useful in instances when you traveling or staying at a particular place for an extended period.

You can track tweets of certain individuals by using Twilert history of tweets which match your queries. You can use this feature for security and investigative purposes.

How Twilert Is Different from Other Tools

As twitter being one of the most popular social media platforms where nearly all the information ends up, ranging from world news to what’s going on in your personal life.

Therefore, there are many analytical tools in the market which track and monitor tweets like Google Alert and Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck tracks specified hashtags, user handles and keywords but you have to open the app to be updated.

Opening the app every time you need to be updated can be hectic especially in this day and age. Twilert on the other hand sends alerts to your email and keeps you posted of every activity done by your specified search terms.

Google Alert keeps you updated only on popular topics. It alerts you when your key terms are found in top ten web searches which is not suitable if your area of interest is a small-scale company.


One of Twilert’s unique selling point is that it was developed before Firehose and as a result Twilert had developed a better way to work against twitter’s API.

As it does not use Firehose, the cost of operation for its users remain low while providing a reliable service unlike other twitter monitoring tools.

When it comes down to it, if you track tweets you’re going to be in a whole lot better shape than you might think. After all, tracking tweets is going to give you a whole lot of information that you might not get any other way.

How will you know just how far your tweets get if you don’t watch them travel? How will you know just how many people are talking about you and reaching their own fans and followers if you aren’t tracking them?

All of these things and more are going to be possible when you track tweets.

Whether you decide to use or you decide to try and go at it on your own, you’re going to find a whole lot of benefits that come from tracking your tweets.

It’s all about improving and expanding your business, and you’ll be able to do that in no time when you have more information. That’s the key to anything in your business, right?

Getting more notice from your fans and followers and definitely making sure you have all of the information you can possibly get about what people think of you. So what are you waiting for?