How to Delete a Retweet

Are you unaware of how to delete a retweet?

Well, a retweet is one of the most convenient features of Twitter you can use to share someone else’s thoughts.

When you’re on a social media platform, you often interact with like-minded people and you also like the messages they share on their time.

Mostly, social media platforms have a share button that can be used to share that particular message with your friends and followers.

And you can easily delete that message, image, or video from your profile whenever you want.

How to Delete a Retweet?

Twitter follows a different method where it allows users to share a message on their timeline using the “Retweet” button.

But deleting that retweet from your profile can be a bit different.

Unlike other social media platforms, you can’t simply click on the settings button to delete that particular message.

Therefore, we’ve developed this article to share information about how to delete a retweet. So, without wasting any time let’s jump right into it.

Find the Retweets

Finding the Retweets is important for deleting the unnecessary retweets from your profile.

Twitter hasn’t provided a separate button to find the retweets.

Therefore, you need to manually explore the retweets from your profile.

Simply, click on your profile picture and it will take you to the Tweets you’ve made from your profile.

Here, you’d also find the retweets you shared on your profile.

The text “You Retweeted” is displayed on top of the tweets that belong to someone else.

If you look at the icons at the bottom of that tweet, you’d see that the retweet icon is green.

Delete the Retweet

Once you’ve recognized a retweet, you can simply click on the retweet icon and it will turn gray.

The tweet will then disappear from your profile and no one would be able to see it.

But it won’t delete the tweet from the main profile because it belongs to someone else.

How to Delete Retweets in Bulk?

This method may take some time to remove all the retweets if you’re planning to delete the retweets in bulk.

In this situation, you can take help from Twitter Advanced Search to find the retweets within a few minutes.

You can enter the keywords and your Twitter handle in the Twitter advanced search to find your targeted retweets within a few seconds.

From here, you’d again have to follow the same process for deleting the retweet.

You can also use some tools to delete retweets in bulk if you don’t want to click that retweet icon under each tweet to remove them from your profile.

When you’re using a tool to delete retweets, you can select the retweets that aren’t good for your profile, and then you can delete them by pressing the delete button.

Sometimes, our thoughts change after a few years and we don’t agree with the people we used to admire in the past.

So, this method can help with identifying those tweets that don’t match with your current thoughts so you may remove them before they appear on someone else’s radar.