Social Listening Tools

It’s quite difficult to find the best social listening tools. Isn’t it?

We understand your needs pretty well. That’s why we’ve created this post to help you out. Today’s customers are really quick at making their decision. They do not consider contacting a business ever again if the business fails to provide a quick response on social media.

And the problem with businesses is that they don’t have access to all the resources their potential customers are using. Well, that’s obviously impossible to keep an eye on the sources. Social listening tools are the ideal option to stay aware of your customers’ expectations.

Social Listening Tools

Some businesses fail to achieve their goals even after choosing a social listening tool. That’s just because they end up choosing a tool that has some limited features. They usually try 3-4 tools to find the right tool for their business. We believe it’s a waste of money.

It’s better that you take guidance from experienced professionals rather than wasting money on different tools.

Best social listening tools

You can use this detailed guide about different tools so you may find the best tool for your business. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best tools available in the market.

Social listening gives you access to what people are saying about your brand, industry, or competitors across social media and the web – often without them being aware of you listening. If you know how to word your queries and filter the results, you’ll end up with the most authentic, unbiased insights you can get as a business.



This is one of the best tools that have been serving customers for years. It doesn’t only help with social listening but it also provides detailed analytics for different accounts. You can also keep an eye on your competitors with this tool. When you sign up for this tool, it asks you to set alerts for different keywords and hashtags you are willing to track.Mention

You can also set alerts for the competitors you want to monitor with this tool. The best thing about this tool is that it suggests some top brands when you set alerts for a specific industry. You can use these suggestions to set alerts for competitor analysis.

The tool creates different tabs for your own business and for the competitors. Thus, you can easily monitor whether you’re moving on the right track or not.


This is one of the best social listening tools that enable you to keep an eye on blogs along with social channels. You need to choose a specific industry you’re willing to monitor with this tool. The tool will then ask you to enter the word or phrase you want to get alerts for. You can also add your website’s link to get an alert whenever someone mentions your blog/site on another blog.




Hootsuite is best known for its social management features but many people don’t know that it’s also considered to be one of the best social listening tools. We recommend using this tool because it’s a complete package for all your social media marketing needs. With this tool, you cannot only monitor your brand’s performance but you can also send instant messages, publish posts/tweets, schedule posts, etc.


These are the top social listening tools we recommend for all types of businesses. These tools have different packages that can accommodate your needs at different stages. If you need help with setting up an account on these tools, feel free to contact us. To contact or read more about us, you can just click on here.

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