How to Monitor Twitter for Blockchain Developers


Keep Track of Talent with Twitter Monitoring Tools

Blockchain Development is still growing rapidly.

universities can’t keep up with curriculum / course material. *CITE

Top Tier Colleges Offering Blockchain Education

half the cool enthusiasts under 25 I met had either just graduated and pivoted away from their major into blockchain tech space, or had literally just plain withdrawn from school and begun aggressive self study on protocols, core maintenance, smart contract development or even just cryptographic protocols which are currently used in almost industry in some form or another. Some of them are disciplined, adhering to a road map, holding themselves accountable. Some of them work hard and play hard, so to speak. They have several things in common. They share what they learn, for the most part. They help each other make connections and route problems to projects that potentially have solutions. They are all constantly looking for new projects, both in that context and in the sense that for every new potential solution comes a new set of potential problems and so running through the implications and game theory that underline the entire emerging industry of blockchain is absolutely critical. I’ll phrase it this way. The good ones are paying attention for the shape of the forest, while they work on the trees. I don’t think that’s too radical a statement to make and I think history backs it up as far as what we’ve seen come out of the past 5 busy years and the 5 years before that, which set the stage for all these new problems and solutions to even exist in the first place.

Why You Want to Keep Track of the Upcoming Class of Talent

because it’s going to indicate the future. Don’t imagine many things will get built without the same tools the builders are armed with.

Bram Cohen. Decentralized P2P wouldn’t be where it is today without this dude.

Vlad Zamfir – legal trip. pundit. eth co founder. definitely rocking out in the right circles.

Nick Szabo – Core. Core concepts. Moonboy Maximalist. Also Talked to Satoshi.

Alex D – Erickson. Elixir. Elixium.



Nic Carter – Renewables