Track ThorChain Twitter Stats & Sentiment RUNE

ThorChain seems to be quite interesting as it lets you exchange crypto assets without any hassle.

But the question is how can one stay updated about the changes being applied to it.

We know that you’re tired of exploring a huge number of crypto websites because most of the websites share information opposite to others.

And sometimes, these websites are trying to secure their own interest while they’re talking about the potential growth of a crypto project.

Based on our experience, things get a lot easier when you can directly listen to the thoughts of investors from different walks of life.

There’s definitely a reason why experienced investors always track ThorChain Twitter Stats & Sentiment RUNE.

Here are some details about how you can get these results.

Follow ThorChain account

The ThorChain team has established an official account on Twitter where they share information for users who want to use their tokens for exchanging crypto assets.

The team is quite knowledgeable and they’re always ready to answer your questions.

If you look at the comments under their tweets, you’d see that they actively respond to every comment added by the followers.

Sometimes, they even ask the users to share details in the inbox so that the other users may not get irritated.

This account stays active for the most part of the day which means you can get instant updates within no time.

Subscribe to Hashtags

Twitter users often add #thorchain and #rune in their tweets while talking about this platform.

Subscribing to these hashtags can make your life a lot easier.

Obviously, you can manually track the hashtags if you want but you’d often miss updates that require immediate action.

There are several third-party tools that enable you to subscribe to different hashtags so you may automatically receive updates on your smartphone.

When it comes to choosing a third-party tool for hashtag tracking, you must look for a tool that has an excellent reputation in this category because you’re going to connect your Twitter account with this tool.

So, if you selected the wrong tool, you’d be exposing your private information to a major risk.

These tools aren’t just limited to hashtag tracking but they provide several other services as well.

Moreover, you can also track the hashtags of Instagram using these tools.

However, we’re now talking about ways to track Thorchain Twitter Stats & Sentiment RUNE. So, we should stick to it.

Track Hashtags Manually

If you aren’t willing to attach your account to a third-party tool, you can simply start tracking hashtags manually.

However, it will require some effort every day because you need to find new information on a daily basis.

It’s wise enough to follow the accounts that regularly publish tweets using #thorchain and #rune rather than monitoring the hashtags manually.

The benefit of following these accounts is that you immediately get an update on your phone no matter whether they’ve included the hashtags in their tweets or not.

Although it can create some noise, it can help with reducing the risk of losing incredible investment opportunities.