Geo-Target Crypto Tweets

Why meet enthusiasts and developers in your area? I can only speak for myself, but I have met some of the smartest and genuine people in my life during my years in the crypto community. Not to say that everyone I’ve met is perfect, but I think there is a common denominator here – because, from the beginning, it has all relied on networks and shared info. Bitcoin would never have taken off if not for people sharing the concept and the code. Distribution of mining and full nodes supporting the network allowed it to become robust enough and resilient enough to resist a 51% attack. This didn’t happen through sheer luck, it happened because people who understood the protocol and believed in it shared their knowledge with others. To get the most of this, one must consider the first steps to geo-target crypto tweets Evangelism, such as it was, was and in many ways still is the vehicle through which the entire ecosystem came to be. Open-source mindsets engender sharing and communal discovery, advancing the code and contributing to a better future for everyone on the network. Many of us got into this space through meetups, identifying the people close to us who we trusted, who understood the base layer of the tech. Obviously, things are different now, but the core principles remain the same. There are dozens of intriguing projects now, based on variations of the same concepts that Bitcoin brought into the public eye. Honestly, it can be overwhelming, a lot to keep track of. That said, there can be a method to the madness.

Geo-Target Crypto Tweets in a specific area

“The Times, Jan 03 2009 – Chairman on brink of second bailout for banks.”

The Genesis Block


Geo Target Crypto Tweets
Geo Target Crypto Tweets

Almost Everything We See in Today is a Variation on the Original Protocol.

Let’s take a moment to examine the forest. Bitcoin developers are almost all on Twitter. You know their names. You’ve followed them through their arguments with detractors and FUDsters, differences of opinion on governance and optimization. It’s been a long ride with plenty of opportunities for popcorn. Chances are you have your own opinions. I advocate agnosticism and verification, but keeping a finger on the pulse is never a bad idea. We’ll get there in a moment. For now, here are two I’ve been following for a long time.


Twitter is a Macro-Glimpse into Global Crypto Opinion

We have Staking. We have delegated staking. We have gossip trees and fully centralized fully permissioned chains. We have Directed Acyclic Graphs. We have seemingly impossible problems like Anchoring and Location and above all Identity.

It’s truly a wonderful time to be alive. So, if your early years were anything like mine, you can remember those first moments of excitement, getting to explain it all to your friends and family – probably with mixed results. Even the moments that came after, like when I first dove into multi-sig or set up my first cold wallets. Or, dare I say that moment that the Dogecoin community got into Nascar…


Geo Target Crypto Tweets with Twilert

Twilert is a service that gives you tools to monitor the Twitter-sphere.. Whether you are a crypto-enthusiast or a real live blockchain company looking to geo target crypto tweets, it can help you keep track of the conversation. Developers, organizers, investors, anyone looking for a local meet-up can benefit. I still maintain that the best things happen in person. Face-to-face let’s the best relationships build organically, and more info can be exchanged in a group setting – at least where broad concepts like this are concerned. Twilert has conditional statements and operators, and a robust output and reporting stack that lets users zero-in on what they are looking for. As we see more and more pockets of enthusiasts spring up around the globe, it’s more important than ever that we all avoid complacency and continue to participate. Crypto-Winter won’t last forever. Just because you’re already mining Grin doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fantastic implementations around the corner.

So, come over to Twilert, give our free trial a spin and let us know how you like it. We’re a small team. We love chatting with users.

Hope to see you at a meetup.