Track DEX Stats & Sentiment on Twitter

Are you interested in knowing how you can track DEX stats & Sentiment on Twitter?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll describe the process of finding the most accurate information for your needs.

Twitter is the platform where you can track the stats and sentiment of different digital coins.

We’ve shared several other posts about how you can track other digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

In today’s post, we’ll particularly talk about how you can track DEX Stats & Sentiment on Twitter.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How to Track Dex Stats & Sentiment on Twitter?

What’s the easiest way of searching for something on Twitter or any other website?

You’d agree that a search box is the most effective option for searching for a particular thing on a website.

And when it comes to searching for something on a social media website, the search box does wonders because it’s designed with AI technology.

So, whenever you start typing something in the search box, it shows you search suggestions relevant to your interests.

But according to our experience, the search box isn’t the most effective way to track DEX stats & Sentiment on Twitter.

You need to dig a little deeper so you may find your desired results.

The following information will help you with finding the most accurate results.

DEX digest

DEX digest is supposed to help the investors who want to track DEX Stats & Sentiment on Twitter.

This account has a great following on Twitter because it’s dedicated to providing the most accurate and updated information about DEX.

The account stays active for the most part of the day and whenever you send them a message, they provide a quick and efficient response.

They probably have a team that is responsible for managing the account.

They have shared several articles about why DEX is a great investment opportunity for people from all walks.

They instantly update information on their account whenever they learn something new about this digital currency.


We’d also recommend following ViteX if you want to track DEX stats & Sentiment on Twitter.

This account is also managed by crypto experts who are dedicated to helping those who have little to zero knowledge of the crypto world.

So, if you’re interested in learning important things about crypto, you can definitely reach out to them.

They don’t just listen to your requests but they also provide satisfactory answers to your questions.


If you’ve been a Twitter user for quite some time, you must be familiar with the power of hashtags.

When you search for a common word, Twitter shows you tweets that include that particular word in them.

But if you for a hashtag, it will eliminate all those unnecessary tweets that don’t belong to your search.

Along with #dex, you can use several other hashtags like #crypto, #mining, and #Dexcoin to find more relevant information about DEX.