How to Track Twitter

First Things First
In this article, I’m going to show you exactly How to Track Twitter. Then I’ll cover 5 different use cases that will help you understand why you need to start Tracing Twitter Accounts now. After that, I’m going to expose you to 3 other things you need to be doing on your Twitter account to keep you and your clients’ workflow super-efficient.

Twitter is one of the most used apps all around the universe. 

It is used to connect people from your close friends and even famous ones such as artists from different places and countries.

Learn how to Track Twitter and take advantage of this data opportunity.

The FDA is so desperate for information about shortages in coronavirus testing supplies that it is turning to an unlikely source of information: Twitter. -Politico

There are plenty of business institutions that use social media to promote their products and what’s probably on their company.

Twitter is so powerful, even scientific medial studies use it for information.

To maintain and gain more followers in your social media account, especially Twitter, you need to have a so-called Twitter Analytics.

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Learn how to track twitter with our details below.

First, Learn Why We Want to Understand How to Track Twitter

The prime example for 2020 is to track Covid 19 twitter terms in order to track coronavirus twitter spread and information. A few great articles have surfaced exploring these topics.

Researchers at ASU understand how to track twitter for tweet data and mine the results for trend analysis:

The process begins with the data collection engine, which communicates with Twitter’s server to collect tweets that contain key words related to the flu. Then the data cleaning module analyzes those tweets and filters out the ones about flu awareness from the ones reporting actual flu cases. The next step is to geotag the tweets to determine the location of flu cases. –Emma Greguska, ASU now

Stanford and Stony BrookAcademics are also in on the Twitter epidemic tracking:

The social networking site, Twitter, has been used in the past to track both communicable and non-communicable diseases (e.g., the flu and heart disease, respectively). As a dynamic, ever-changing data set, Twitter’s unique advantage is providing retrospective baselines from which changes can be detected.

How to Track Twitter : A concise Guide

Twitter analytics are used to keep your trace and understand how much or what does the progress of the contents or tweets and how will it grow.

How to Track Twitter

Trace a Twitter Account Location with Tracking Tools

5 Great Reasons to Track Twitter Accounts

To get it, here are tips on how to track Twitter and more information such as:

  1. Use your account home on Twitter as a report card – it has a summary of your monthly tweets and activities on your account. You can detect if someone who follows and unfollows you.
  2. Also, you can gain more followers and meet influencers that may attract new followers. Checking your account home will help you improve more on what may be significant to do to boost your account.
  3. Check your activity dashboard  with this; it will show all the detailed inquiry of the Twitter activity. The number of how your followers saw a tweet or replied and retweeted your posts. If you get what your followers like, then you may use it as you make similar tweets of a content that will surely be catchy and loved by the viewers and readers.
  4. Check your viewer’s insights – to gain more and maintain your followers, and you need to check or visit their accounts. You need to get what will be attractive to your followers that will capture them, and they will look forward to your next posts.
  5. Track mentions on twitter using our tool, Twilert. Understand exactly how your brand is functioning in the public social media space

Tracking your twitter account would be beneficial for you in improving your performance and status on the platform.

You can quickly check if your tweets are useful, especially when you have promoted tweets.

Can you Trace or Track Twitter Account Location?

When a tracing a twitter account’s location, you will need to look at the locations of the tweets.

The account you are monitoring must have geo location enabled on their twitter account. If geo tagging is available, you should be able to see the account location of the twitter user wherever they post.

Keep in mind that it is very easy for users to spoof or fake their locations – at any time the user can choose a different location for themselves.

Twitter’s API Terms of Service prohibits applications to do any data analysis that would target or track individuals, so we do not offer these service in our Twitter Tracking app.

5 Steps to Track Twitter with Twilert

We built a tool to help you track nearly anything that happens on Twitter.

All you need is a twitter account to start the process.

  1. First, make sure you are already logged into Twitter.
  2. Second, Log into Twilert’s Twitter Tracking Platform Here
  3. Third, Add the terms you want to track in our query builder like so:
  4. Fourth, name your alert and set the frequency you would like to get the alerts like so:
  5. Finally, you’ve learned how to track twitter with our professional tool!


Other considerations When Tracking Twitter Accounts or Tracing Tweets

You will also distinguish the best time for you to be active in the site. To see to it that you will gain more retweets, replies, clicks favorites and more from your followers and attract new ones.

How to Track Twitter
How to Track Twitter

Twitter analytics is free, and all the app users are free to use it. It will help you improve your engagement with your target customers. All the activities are easily tracked from who view, follows your account and the ones that commented or replied to your tweets.

Check out this quick animated GIF showing how we use Twilert to track twitter for a specific hashtag:

How to use Twilert to Track Twitter Hashtags

By tracking tweets this, you can analyze where and what type of followers you have. And also what they are probably attracted to. Learn to Trace twitter accounts with the ideas we’ve provided so far.

With this method, you can also detect if your account is need of something more and where do you should put on effort to be noticed by the viewers.

If you want to gain more customers, especially in your business or even you want to boost your followers, you can use the Twitter analytics.

There are plenty of tools that can help you improve the status of your social media account and also for your business. 

Our tweet tracing tool, Twilert, helps businesses set up twitter alerts to monitor brands or track products on twitter.

Users can set up custom alerts based on terms, user activity, geo location and more. We also offer a fully featured 30 day trial to check it out.

We hope you more fully understand how to track twitter after reviewing our concise article here.

If you need more information on how we can help with your social listening needs, please drop us a line!


Team Using Twitter to Track COVID-19 Symptoms and Mental Health

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