How to Track Twitter : A concise Guide

Twitter is one of the most used apps all around the universe.  It is used to connect people from your close friends and even famous ones such as artists from different places and countries. There are plenty of business institutions that use social media to promote their products and what’s probably on their company. Twitter is so powerful, even scientific medial studies use it for information. To maintain and gain more followers in your social media account, especially Twitter, you need to have a so-called Twitter Analytics. Learn how to track twitter with our details below:

Twitter analytics are used to keep your trace and understand how much or what does the progress of the contents or tweets and how will it grow. To get it, here are tips on how to track Twitter and more information such as:

  • Use your account home on Twitter as a report card – it has a summary of your monthly tweets and activities on your account. You can detect if someone who follows and unfollows you. Also, you can gain more followers and meet influencers that may attract new followers. Checking your account home will help you improve more on what may be significant to do to boost your account.
  • Check your activity dashboard –   with this; it will show all the detailed inquiry of the Twitter activity. The number of how your followers saw a tweet or replied and retweeted your posts. If you get what your followers like, then you may use it as you make similar tweets of a content that will surely be catchy and loved by the viewers and readers.
  • Check your viewer’s insights – to gain more and maintain your followers, and you need to check or visit their accounts. You need to get what will be attractive to your followers that will capture them, and they will look forward to your next posts.
  • Track mentions on twitter using our tool, Twilert. Understand exactly how your brand is functioning in the public social media space

Tracking your twitter account would be beneficial for you in improving your performance and status on the platform. You can quickly check if your tweets are useful, especially when you have promoted tweets. You will also distinguish the best time for you to be active in the site. To see to it that you will gain more retweets, replies, clicks favorites and more from your followers and attract new ones.

How to Track Twitter
How to Track Twitter

Twitter analytics is free, and all the app users are free to use it. It will help you improve your engagement with your target customers. All the activities are easily tracked from who view, follows your account and the ones that commented or replied to your tweets. By tracking all this, you can analyze where and what type of followers you have. And also what they are probably attracted to. With this method, you can also detect if your account is need of something more and where do you should put on effort to be noticed by the viewers.

If you want to gain more customers, especially in your business or even you want to boost your followers, you can use the Twitter analytics. There are plenty of tools that can help you improve the status of your social media account and also for your business.