Track NEO Twitter Stats & Sentiment

Do you also believe that the NEO coin was launched in 2017?

Well, it’s partially correct because the coin was rebranded in 2017 but it was actually launched in 2014.

However, it’s a fact that the coin became more popular after its rebranding.

Probably the main purpose of rebranding was to attract clients internationally and it worked really well.

Today, a huge number of people are interested in investing their money in this coin and so are you.

This particular reason has brought you to this page because there is no other reason to track Neo Twitter Stats & Sentiment.

The good news is that you’d find the answer to your questions in this article because we’ve shared information about methods to track Neo Twitter Stats & Sentiment.

So, let’s dive into the details of how you can make it happen.


WaveTrader is a recommended account for those who want to invest money in Neo Coin for a limited period of time.

This account is managed by a small team that only works on affordable digital currencies that are very reliable.

The interesting part is that the NEO coin is one of their hot favorite digital currencies.

Sometimes, they even share the link to their live streams where they show you when and how they invest money in the coin.

Some investors follow them during the live stream but we don’t recommend it because you don’t have any idea of why they’re making a particular investment.

The only reason why we recommend following this account is that it helps you track Neo Twitter Stats & Sentiment.

Use Twitter Advanced

If you run a search for Neo coin, you’d see tons of results on your screen.

We believe that you understand how one can check the latest or top posts for a particular search term.

But sometimes, you’re searching for a particular topic that belongs to your search term.

Let’s say you saw the news on a website and you want to confirm whether it’s true or not.

Now, searching for Neo coin only won’t be enough for finding your desired results.

Even if you add some words of that news in your search, you won’t be able to find the right information.

The best way to verify a news about neo coin is to use the Twitter advanced search.

In this tool, you can add certain keywords that need to be included in the search results.

For example, you found news claiming that Neo coin is starting a joint venture with another organization.

In order to verify the news, you need to enter the Neo coin in the search bar of the advanced search tool.

And then add words, like joint venture and the organization’s name to find out whether the news is true or not.

If you found a number of people talking about it on Twitter, you’d easily be able to make an informed investment.

But if there are only a few suspicious accounts talking about it, you must be cautious because it can be a trap.