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Wanna become a part of Twitter Journalism?

We appreciate that you’re planning to take the right step at the right time for Twitter Journalism. We know that print media has ruled the world for decades. And it still has the potential to make a huge impact on people. But the future of Print Media isn’t bright enough as compared to social media.

The best part is that you’ve decided to take this step at the perfect time. You must be thinking there is already a strong community of Journalists on Twitter due to which you won’t be able to build a reputation in Twitter Journalism. We bet that you’re totally mistaken because social media has tons of opportunities for individuals who want to build a career, especially in journalism.

Twitter is a window into what’s happening in the world, which is why some of the most active Twitter accounts belong to journalists. News often breaks first on Twitter, and everyone from national media outlets to reporters on the ground often use Twitter to update the public on developing stories.

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In this article, we’ll talk about how Twitter Journalism is affecting the lives of individuals and how you can become a part of this domain. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Twitter Journalism

How Twitter Journalism is affecting lives?

The young generation loves using Twitter to stay informed about recent trends. They’ve become tired of print media as it usually works on a specific agenda. But the Twitter journalists are free to share their opinion with the people without having to worry about any issues. That’s the reason why journalists have exposed many mafias with the help of Twitter Journalism.

The youth puts its trust on Twitter journalists as they focus on sharing factual information with the people. And they don’t distract them away. That’s why journalists are making a huge impact on the lives of people by using Twitter.

Choosing a Categoryjournalism

Based on your interests, you can choose a specific category on Twitter. You won’t have to go through an interview to start sharing information on Twitter. No matter whether you’re willing to cover local news or international news, you’re free to cover whatever you want. You can even start several podcasts or discussion shows where you’d invite different people to share true facts with your audience.

However, you’d have to make some effort before you could invite the top celebrities. The celebrities are also inclined towards Twitter accounts that have a better following on Twitter.

Building a Reputation in Twitter Journalism

It takes time to achieve your goals but you have more chances of growing your reputation on Twitter as compared to any other platform. Here are a few tips you can follow if you want to build a better reputation in Twitter Journalism.

Follow the Latest Trends

Following the latest trends is really important when you’re building your reputation as a journalist. People always want to hear about the latest news. So, if you’re building your career as a journalist, you need to stay updated with the latest news. And make sure that you quickly share the information on Twitter as soon as you get to know about it.

The power of Hashtags

The hashtags help with growing your presence on Twitter. It also helps with increasing the number of followers over time. These followers will share your tweets with their friends. As a result, you’d become popular on Twitter within a few months or maybe weeks.


Consistency is another important factor you need to follow when building a career in Twitter Journalism. Some journalists stop making tweets when they don’t get better exposure. We recommend publishing tweets regularly because it takes time to convince the people to hit that Follow button.

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