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If you get just ONE great trading insight from using Twilert to monitor stocks on Twitter, the tool pays for itself for years to come

Benjamin Brown – Director of Growth, Twilert

We’ve all used Twitter at some point. The breadth of conversations and topics that are possible to discuss publicly are so massive, it can be overwhelming. You can follow other influential traders, follow the accounts of the companies you track or follow $ hashtags for your chosen stock ticker. However, just doing these type of basic actions does not leverage the full scope of Twitter’s utility for stock traders.

Twitter has become a valuable tool in many trader’s arsenals. The ability to search Twitter for stock activity, monitor stocks on Twitter and utilize alerts for stocks on Twitter have now become an important part of any trader’s analytical toolset.

Searching Activity to Monitor Stocks on Twitter

If you’re only following accounts of other traders or the companies you monitor, then you will miss out on what everyone else is saying about that stock. There are many traders that share technical analysis, public announcements, and deep insights about stock health on Twitter. You can miss these insights if you are only following accounts or hashtags. Take it to the next level by understanding how twitter search works for stocks.

Using twitter advanced search is the first step in advancing your insights. In Twitter you can go to the top of the page and search for terms – you can search for hashtags, terms that occur in conversation, and geolocated terms. What you’ll find is that you can see “inside” the conversations people are having about stocks. With this method, you’ll need to manually perform these searches every time you want updated stock insights from Twitter.

Monitor stocks on twitter
Monitor stocks on twitter

Monitoring Stocks on Twitter

After you’ve got the hang of using Twitter search, you will learn that it is a time consuming manual process. To monitor stocks on Twitter, You don’t want to have to go in and type your terminology into the interface every time. Once you figure out which search criteria give you the best stock insights, then you will want to monitor that set of terms. Monitoring in this sense just means you’re getting ongoing updates coming to you passively using some combination of Twitter monitoring tools.

Set Up Twitter Alerts for Stocks

To monitor stocks on twitter you’ll need to set up Twitter Alerts for stocks. With Twilert, you can set up alerts for any kind of search query you set up. You’re going to be using a combination of search terms, hashtag monitoring, geolocation, and sentiment analysis. The first step is to enter the terms you want to follow. So, just like your twitter search, you add your standard terms into your alert tool.

In your alert tool, make sure to exclude terms that may come up in discussions about your stock on Twitter, but are more often than not irrelevant.

monitor stocks on TwitterTracking $ Hashtags For Stocks on Twitter

You can follow any hashtag including $ hashtags in your twitter alert tool by simply using the tag on your search term. Use dollar hashtags to monitor stocks on Twitter. In Twilert, the “hashtag” option covers traditional hashtags (with the # sign). So, you need to add that. For generic hashtags, try to get into the mind of people talking about stocks. In the $tsla example, we could track users using the #ev #electricvehicles #tesla. But you’re the expert – you need to use some of your own insight to feel out how twitter discussions relate to the stock you want to monitor

Geotarget Stock Discussions on Twitter

If you have a stock with a market specific to a geographic area, or you want to see what the public is saying about a stock in an area, you should add geotargeting in your alert tool. This will help you laser target your insights to only the most relevant tweets. It may not return a bunch of results but you’ll know that they’re more targeted.

Sentiment analysis on Twitter Stocks

After you’ve done the above, you may want to analyze stock tweets for sentiment. Twilert provides basic sentiment analysis which allows you to see positive and negatively skewed mentions. You can also use the sentiment setting only respond to people asking questions – which can be powerful to see how the general public is responding to a stock’s performance or issues.

Monitor Stocks on Twitter the Automated Way

If you’re not using Twitter as a part of your stock analysis toolset, then you may be missing out on the opportunity to see what the public and markets are really saying about a stock or company.

If you are already using Twitter analysis, but manually searching twitter by hand, you’re probably wasting a lot of time that you could be using to take action on your trades. The next level of advancement includes geotargeted, sentiment analyzed twitter stock alerts that are sent directly to your inbox on your schedule.

We’ve built a useful tool that allows you to set up any kind of twitter alert for stocks – you can set these stock alerts just once, and they’ll send automated email alerts to your inbox whenever you choose – monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even real-time.

If you want to set this up for your organization, our team can help demo the tool and get you set up. For a small fee, we can even help you set up the alerts so you get maximum impact.

If you want to just try the tool yourself, we have a free trial. Get 30 days of our Professional package. Imagine getting just ONE great stock insight from Twitter during his trial – it would basically be free money for you.

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