Delete Retweets

Are you among those Twitter users who love to retweet?

Delete retweets now!

On the other side, you feel like you no longer want those retweets to be part of your Twitter timeline or history.

If yes, there are several ways for you to delete tweets immediately.

Retweets are among that make the Twitter world exciting and interests.

With just a few efforts, it is easier for you to come across other users’ tweets you would like to share to the world.

delete retweetsHow to Delete Retweets Immediately?

However, if you feel that your retweets are already overshadowing your tweets or you find those retweets embarrassing, the best thing you can do is to delete them.

To delete those tweets, simply take advantage of the following tips:


When deleting retweets, you can use and navigate the social platform itself from your mobile device.

However, if you find it less effective and you are not satisfied with the results, you can simply use a third party tool.

There are plenty of program and apps you can use to delete tweets that you do no want to see in your timeline.


retweet then delete

Each is them offer a particular set of features, and you must review these features to find which tool can fit your needs.

For example, you can use the Tweet Delete, which is a popular Twitter management tool among Twitter users.

This app will let you browse all your tweets easily, such as retweets. It will also allow you to pick and delete a number of tweets at once or even set up automatic deletion of the future retweets.

In other words, it is a useful tool for deleting your tweets for good so that these tweets are no longer displayed to your timeline, and no one will ever see them again.

If you are unsure of the specific Twitter management tool you want to use, you need to do a research and determine whether it is legit or not.

That way, you can protect all your personal data.


Besides using tools for retweet deletion, you can also take advantage of using a script.

If you are into coding, you can find this process enjoyable.

To use a script for getting rid of your unwanted retweets, you can begin by opening the Chrome.

Then, you need to log into your Twitter account so that you can begin navigating your retweets.

Meanwhile, by pressing the “F12” on your keyboard, you can access and open the debug console.

Next is to go through the console tab and then, paste the script below:

setInterval(function() {

t = $( ‘.js-actionDelete button’ ); // get delete buttons

for ( i = 0; true; i++ ) { // count removed

if ( i >= t.length ) { // if removed all currently available

window.scrollTo( 0, $( document ).height() ); // scroll to bottom of page – loads more

return}$( t[i] ).trigger( ‘click’ ); // click and remove button from dom

$( ‘button.delete-action’ ).trigger( ‘click’ ); // click and remove button from dom

}}, 2000)

So, if you are now ready to delete retweets, choose between using third party tools and script.

Then, say goodbye to your unwanted retweets!

If you’re looking to delete retweets, why not also learn how to delete tweets themselves!