Delete Tweets

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In this article, I’m going to show you exactly why and how to delete tweets. This will help you to avoid ANY issues that people could dig up on your account, causing a potential public relations disaster. After that, I’m going to show you the most important features to look for in tools that delete tweets and content.

The same way to other things, Twitter is also possible for fresh starts.


Just delete tweets from your old tweets and voila – you can start over again.

But then again, similar to many things, once you delete all your tweets, there’s no turning back.

Luckily, you can use different tools for deleting tweets, and they can help you with ease.

If your decision is final, let get things started!

An Overview to Delete Tweets Capabilities

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If you must delete tweets for any valid reason, you can do it with ease.

All you need to do is to pick a particular tool and then, go to its website. You have to authorize that tool for accessing your tweets and decide how many tweets you want to delete.

You can also delete all tweets if you want to.

Then, confirm your tweet selection, and your tweets are deleted!

In deleting your tweets, you can choose any of the following tools

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3 Quick “Delete Tweet” Tools – Tweet Delete App Options

Tweet Eraser – 6 Easy Steps

After you signed into Tweet Eraser, you can access its dashboard where you can utilize the key features, such as search filters, multiple accounts, and keep deleted tweets.

  1. To start, you need to search for the free tier from the tool’s homepage and click on “Just sign in with Twitter.”
  2. You will see a new window asking to authorize the app by Projectstage.
  3. Then, click on “Authorize app.”
  4. Once you authorize the app, you will be headed to Tweet Eraser dashboard.
  5. Next, is to select the tweet you would want to delete or select all of them. If you want to delete particular tweets, the box that is next to one another must be checked.
  6. After that, simply tap on the red button “Delete tweets” and your tweets are now deleted.

Delete Tweets with Tweet Delete

From the Tweet Delete app homepage, you need to click on “Sign in with Twitter” and check the box indicating that you agree that the app will access your tweets.

Then, you will be provided with options where you can delete tweets based on the amount of time.

delete tweets

You can delete the existing tweets that are beyond one year and less than 3,200. After that, tap on “Activate TweetDelete” and the app will do its job for deleting tweets.

Tweet Deleter to Delete Tweets

Go to TweetDeleter

Click on “Sign in with Twitter,” which you can find below the apps’ CTA “ Delete many tweets with one click.”

Then, you need to tap the “Authorize App” to proceed to the next action.

From the app’s dashboard, select the tweets you want to delete.

tweet deleter

Then, click on “Delete Tweets” and press the red delete box.

Your selected or all tweets are deleted!

When you use any of the three tools in deleting your tweets, you need to keep in mind that deleting them is a permanent action.

Meaning, you can never bring them back anymore.

The Most Important Features to Look for in Tweet Deletion Tools

Feature Numero Uno – Delete Tweet by Date or Delete Tweet By Year

You have to really drill into the date range and year to delete.

This allows you to bulk delete tweets in time frames instead.

Generally speaking, you will want to search from the first year you started your account then work toward present time

#2 Feature – Filtering by Hashtag and Terms

You can’t always delete all your tweets at once.

You need to keep relevant tweets to ensure your account stays relevant by most metrics.

This means you have to search and filter your account posts to get to the meaningful deletion items.

The following post will show you 5 more of these really important features you need to address:

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Some other features to consider: