How To Find My Old Tweets

Whenever you are posting your newest tweets, do you ever wonder what your tweets was during your first day on Twitter?

Well, regardless of what you have tweeted, is it nice to find the answer to “how to find my old tweets?”

Once you enter the world of Twitter, you get closer hto lots of discoveries.

From the newest hairstyle of your best friend up to the latest gigs of your favorite rock band, you will stay up-to-date. You can also express all your thought using some creative tweets.

However, you may also remember that for once, you made some embarrassing tweets. So, why not take a look at your older tweets.

How to Find My Old Tweets Overview

Being one of the most popular social media sites, Twitter users already tweeted not just hundreds, but thousands of tweets from the day it was created.

As a result, manual or simple scrolling to the bottom on the personal feed is not enough for you to find your older tweets. You can only find the last 3,200 tweets.

On the bright side, you can use dates and keyword searches for you to find your old tweets. That way, you can reveal your funny, embarrassing, or memorable tweets or even be able to fix your online image.
How to find my old tweets? Here’s the answer!

Twitter search my old tweets
Twitter search my old tweets

How to Find My Old Tweets : 9 Step Details

  1. Using your desktop, go to to start your search for old tweets
  2. In finding your old tweets, you have the option to search for hashtags, keywords, exact phrases you tweeted several years ago
  3. Select a specific language which your older tweets are in
    In the “From these accounts” bar which you can find under the “People” subheading, type your preferred username
  4. Other than your username, you can also type other usernames so that you will be able to view the tweets between you and the other Twitter user
  5. After typing the username, it’s time for you to add the location of where your old tweets are sent from
  6. Select the start date and the end date you want to read your old tweets from
  7. If you prefer using your mobile phone, you can apply the same procedure except that you need to type in the strings “from: username since: yyyy-mm-dd until: yyyy-mm-dd which is located in the search box of Twitter instead of using the Twitter advanced search
  8. Start browsing for your old tweets!
How to Find My Old Tweets
How to Find My Old Tweets

Twitter is a powerful social media networking site where you can use it for personal or business purpose.

So, it is better that you will be careful or sensitive of any tweet or retweet you are posting.

That way, you do not need to panic searching for your older tweets and try to clean up some mess.

The next time you want to reveal your old tweets in discovering some of the embarrassing tweets or want to view your tweet history, you can use the above guideline.

So, enjoy tweeting and connecting to the world!