How to Find An Old Tweet

How long have you had a Twitter account?

Are you a regular user?

Do you remember your first tweet? Well, have you ever thought about how to find an old tweet?

Digging your tweet archives one by one is time-consuming, and it is really hard, but don’t worry about anymore.

Here are the steps and tips on how you will find a specific old tweet that you are looking for.

How to Find An Old Tweet on Twitter using the search bar

  1. Open your twitter account
  2. In the search engine type your username and the date as follows:
  3. Username since: year, moths, and day, until: year, months, and day
  4. So you will see the tweets from the date, day, and month that you inserted.
  5. And hooray! You scroll down more to see your older posts.

How to Find an Old tweet using the advanced search function

The advanced search function is available once you logged in to It will allow you to modify the search results to a specific date range, people, and many more.

Here as follows:

  1. Enter your search in the search bar of the twitter
  2. In the top of your result page, you need to click the More options and click the advanced search.
  3. Fill the needed appropriate fields to refine your search results
  4. To see the result, you need to click the search button.


How To Find an Old Tweet
How To Find an Old Tweet

Do you need the steps to refine the advanced search? With the use of the advanced search, you will refine the search results by using the combination of the fields as follows


Words are the core of search. Think about how people are speaking in real disucssions related to your topics.

  • The tweets that contain all words in any position.
  • The tweets that contain exact phrases
  • The tweets that contains any of the words
  • The tweets that exclude some specific words
  • The tweets that have a specific hashtags
  • The tweets with a specific language


You can specify how detailed you want to look at the types of people and accounts are tweeting in your tweet criteria


A tweet that was sent from geographic location:

The tweets that were sent before a particular date or within the date range.

Combining all the fields in the advanced search, you can modify your search results in a greater way.

Like for example, you will search a tweet that contains “Happy” but exclude the “Hour,” but it’s between June 30 to 2018 and March 4, 2019.

Or you can search it in English with a hashtag “#Good Day” that are sent from February 2013.

You can easily find your tweet by the use of these two steps that which is written above.

However, if you are looking for another way, you use the third-party search engine and let them locate what you want to find on twitter like your old tweets.

You can do many things on Twitter, such as blogging, instant messaging, tweeting, and many more.

Another advantage of Twitter is reaching out and connects to people, especially customers if you have a business. It will guide you to or on how you will also improve your service to them by letting them sends some feedback and also replying to them if needed.

If you need to find an old tweet, we have created and Old Tweet Tool in our application which will assist any twitter user in searching through their tweet history.